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Nothing on our site earns us income. We do not get paid in any form through this page. We do not sell items and anything we write or review is just things we have done on our own.  This blog has been around for over 7 years, as a place we share our ideas and stories.  If you’d like to support our blog, simply drop a quick follow on our twitter.com/sexlifeandevery and like us on facebook. Our Facebook isn’t “vulgar” so it should be safe to like.  Thanks for your support.

About Us:

We have been married for over 20 years, 12 of those years we were what we’d consider normal monogamous couple. We started this blog around the same time Nessa began questioning her sexuality, we questioned the ideas of monogamy, and both of us decided to open our relation to a third person. We do consider ourselves polyamorous and are open to date other females, but have learned that finding a third partner is one of the most complicated puzzles we have ever worked on.  We have navigated through simply experimenting with other women, to dealing with the complexities of trying to get three personalities to work together and be compatible. We will share our new and old experiences as a couple and give insight into our compatibility. Our thoughts, philosophies, and beliefs may change (or have changed) over the years.  As a result, we learn, make our relationship stronger, and advance as a couple. We like to keep our minds open and have tried things such as role play, urine, bdsm, and whatever else our kinky minds can think of.   

Nessa prides herself in her patience and loyalty. She has the unique ability to really listen to other peoples’ problems without being judgmental and rarely argues with others.  She likes to please the person she loves, but she also likes everyone around her to be happy.  

Ryan prides himself in his sense of humor and loyalty.   He is opinionated and enjoys a good debate.  

We try to update our blog with a new article, big or small, each Wednesday.  

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Disclaimer:  All writings on this blog are original unless otherwise stated and may not be used on other blogs without express permission from www.sexlifeandeverything.com .   The photos used in the header (the banners above) are of Ryan and Nessa, various female friends, taken with permission throughout the years this blog has been up.  Some pre tattoos, some post tattoos.   If you are under 18 please leave this website now.  

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