Photo Shoot – Project 31 Days of Swallowing Cum Shots

After our “Merry XXXmas” photos, I knew I had to think of a new theme for the upcoming new year.  And what better way than to have “31 Days of Swallowing Cum Shots” for the month of January.  Although his aim isn’t always the greatest and some may end up on my chest, lips, chin, nose, cheeks, hair, or eyes,  I am hoping to drink Ryan for 31 days.

What I’ve perfected is making sure Ryan’s balls are emptied out on a daily basis, sometimes twice. And because I ensure he cums, it seemed like a neat idea to share the different cum shots.  I never get tired of making Ryan cum.  As silly as it sounds, for me, it’s like a mini adventure getting him to shoot his hot load out of his cock.  And depending on where he is going to cum (e.g. my mouth, ass, or pussy) my shit-talking varies.  For these 31 days, I anticipate at least one “pull out” so he could cum right in my mouth.  This means if he’s in my ass or pussy, he’s going to have to move pretty quickly! And if he’s face fucking or if I’m deepthroating him, I have to keep myself from holding him down in my mouth and letting his cum shoot straight into my throat.  — (Ryan’s edit:  Let’s also not forget I have to actually take a picture of that same moment)

To be honest, I didn’t always eat cum with such a positive attitude.  I did it just to do it, but I didn’t have a strong interest, a longing, a desire for it.  I could understand why women “don’t like the taste of semen.”  But in my opinion, it’s like smoking a cigarette.  If you’ve ever smoked a cigarette, (even once and then never again) you coughed, gagged, maybe even spit up, maybe even so much so that you vowed to stay away from cigarettes once and for all.  Or you may have tried it again and again, succumbing to peer pressure and the need to fit in until eventually you develop an addiction to it.  My addiction has been one that came from the mutual understanding that Ryan and I accept the other’s body as a temple and we are the only worshipers. This state of mind has given me a new outlook on eating cum.  Because now it turns me on knowing my man’s juices are sitting in his body and ready to explode into some part of my own body. I love begging him for his cum.  I love not knowing where he’s going to cum – if he’s going to pull out or cum deep somewhere inside me. I love the thrill of going wild over his cum – rubbing all the shots over my tits, gargling his cum in my throat, letting it drip out of the corners of my mouth and down my neck.

Cum shots never get old. I will show you 31 reasons why.

After the 31 days I will do a quick update here on how the month went, how it was to drink him for a full month, and all the little bloopers I am sure we will go through along the way.