Video: The Art of Sniffing Cum

Some videos feel old and outdated to us so we remove them. Unfortunately, this video has been taken down.  However, the screenshot and the story of the video is below:

During my 31 Days of Cum Shots (January 2013), I found myself tagging @DRTYFUKNBASTARD because, as his name implies, he’s one dirty fucking bastard, and probably one of a few folks who can understand my fetish of catching and eating  cum shots.  During one of the last few days of our photos, Bastard sent us a  picture of several girls around a glass tray simulating a cocaine sniffing party, except sniffing cum.  Our minds started spinning.  Ryan didn’t say it, but his eyes asked if I wanted to sniff his cum.  I admit to being hesitant at first.  What the fuck…how am I going to pull that off?  I imagined it would be like doing a frontward somersault in a pool where the water would burn your sinuses before eventually draining.  Could I do it?  I honestly think I couldn’t.

I looked at Ryan, my eyes said, “Bring it bitch.”

As a practice run, I tried to sniff a little bit of water on a hand mirror.  The water kept sliding down to the edge and out of my nose’s range.  Ryan then suggested we use something other than a mirror to which I responded, “The whole idea of sniffing coke would be pointless if we don’t have a mirror.  Too bad we don’t have a straw, then it would really look official.”  I remembered I had a sweet tea with my lunch a few hours earlier so I took the straw and cut a 3” piece off.  I added more water to the mirror and again tried to sniff the water through my nose.  It worked, and this time it burned like a mother.  If this was how it felt now, I was really afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it.  I thought I would gag or have a coughing fit, and end up ruining the shoot entirely.  If that happened, I knew I’d want to do it again.  I am soldier and no amount of cum is going to make me back down.

After we set up the cameras and the lights, we got into place and I held the mirror under his dick.  He began to fondle himself as I tugged lightly on his hanging balls.  I told him repeatedly that I wanted him to shoot that hot load onto the mirror and that I was ready to lick every drop off that cold reflective glass.  He put his hands on his hips and tilted his head back, enjoying how I was now stroking his growing penis.  I put the mirror down and grabbed his ass with both hands as he pulled my head down to his crotch, my lips against his balls until I ran out of breath.  His cock was now shiny with my spit.  He started jacking his own dick as I kept telling him I was hungry for his juices.  Soon he told me to get the mirror ready.  He carefully controlled his juicy cargo into the shape of Mickey Mouse.  I reached for my straw and inserted it into my right nostril.  I plugged the left one and inhaled a long, deep sniff.  It wasn’t a burning sensation like I expected.  It went up through my nasal passage very smoothly as if my nose was runny and I was sniffing it back in. As soon as the first drop slid back smoothly, I knew I could easily finish!  I cleaned off the mirror, sniffing every drop down and making a slurping sound, the kind you hear when you get to the bottom of your soda can.  I licked off both sides of my straw and cleaned the mirror surface.

The perfect finish?  Using the muscles in the back of my mouth to work the cum to the back of my throat to finally regurgitate and display the sticky mess on my tongue, then swallow it back down for the camera.

I understand that some people my never get this or any of my other dirty little fetishes, but I do things to the extreme to show my love for Ryan.  I LOVE his cum and I’d do anything to show my dedication to him.

Project 31: Days of Swallowing Cum Complete

‘Project 31’  started with our Christmas photos, which was actually ‘Project 25’, as we shot a photo every day of December prior to Christmas.   Some were silly, some were dumb, some were scary, but most were sexy as hell.  During that 25 day period our brains circled on other ideas for month long photo shoots.   It isn’t something I’ve seen done in other blogs (although I am sure it has been), so it feels original, fun, and keeps us updating daily.  Our next Project 31 will be growing out Nessa’s bush on camera.  Yes, she is Asian and has noticed all the internet porn sites filled with little Asian women and their little but extremely hairy vaginas.   I don’t think I have seen her with a hairy vagina except when we first met, she was young and still proud of her shapely bush.  I was already trimmed, so it didn’t take long for her to follow my lead.  She didn’t trim it, she got rid of it all.  And after her first shave, she never let it come back.  The beginning of the “even landing strips is too much hair,  get rid of it all” era.   There have been times where she may have had a slight trim, but the full Asian bush, she hasn’t had since her puberty growth.   That will also not technically be a Project 31, as we are planning to take a photo each Friday until we feel her growth is absolutely complete.   We will then possibly do a full photo shoot of her spread eagle with nothing showing, because her hair covers up everything, hah.  That’s the plan, but it may not work out that way.

However, that is way off topic.  Originally we planned to have Nessa write THIS blog the last day of the month.  I think our intention was to see if her feelings towards a cum shot had changed or if she liked to swallow more.   It was a dumb plan because she never really had issues with swallowing to begin with, especially prior to this Project 31.  For the last year, Nessa has made leaps and bounds with her attitude towards sex, swallowing, and trying new things.   She has gotten upset with me for even suggesting she doesn’t like the taste of my cum.  It actually offends her that I say that.  With that being said, I guess Project 31 taught ME something.   I shouldn’t feel bad for wanting to see my woman swallow me or enjoy my cum.  I admit, as a teenager I remember thinking that a woman shouldn’t have to swallow a guy, because her mouth isn’t equivalent to the paper towels or toilet paper I would clean up my sperm each night with.  Just because I meet a girl that is willing to do anything to please me, all of the sudden my sperm, which I had been dumping in the toilet for years, was something worthy of being swallowed and enjoyed?  I didn’t think so.  That was the beta-male in me.  The nice boy.  I have changed just as much as Nessa has changed.

There were times the bad boy would come out in me, the alpha-male, and I would ask her to  swallow me as some sort of guilty pleasure.  I was still little boy minded and felt bad about my own desires.  I felt bad that I wanted to see her do things I once considered dirty and  selfish.  I remember fucking Nessa roughly,  punishing her with my my body and talk..  I’d look down on her and tell her I am going to pull out and cum all over her face and in her mouth.  She would look up at me and moan that she couldn’t wait.   As I reached my orgasm I would pull out, and nicely aim for only her mouth.  Then, after my orgasm was complete, the animal inside me would quickly die off and I’d feel totally bad for Nessa below me, mouth full of cum.  I’d nicely get off her and say, “You don’t have to swallow if you don’t want.”   She would then get up and spit it out in the sink.  Although she would swallow everytime I asked, the guilty pleasure was more guilt.  My desire to see her swallow me wasn’t worth this idea that she hated me for asking her to do it.

Although I am not the only one to blame for this behavior, Nessa herself was still dealing with her own demons and reservations.  She didn’t have to spit it out, so when she did,  she herself showed me she would have rather spit it out than swallow.  She also started to hold the cum longer after our sessions, which I took as her waiting for me to let her know she didn’t have to swallow.  These actions  only confirmed my guilt and made both of us even more reserved.

This has changed with day 31.  For Nessa it seemed to change last year when she made this huge transation and became a what I consider a whole new woman.  Truthfully, I feel she transitioned from a young reserved girl caught up in an ego tug-a-war , to a confident woman who took back her identity by opening her mind and being the one in our relationship that is more receptive to new ideas.  Not only that, she embraced everything sexual and turned it into positive thing in her life, rather than negative.  The negative-to-positive transition can fix anything in my opinion.  Now, this new woman needs a real man.   I realize after Project 31 Days of Swallowing Cum, that I do not have to feel guilty for wanting to see my woman enjoy me.  I realize as a teenager I was wrong as hell.  I left my semen on paper towels because I didn’t have someone in my life worth sharing myself with.  My semen is an extension of me, and without my soulmate, there was no other place for it.  My cum wasn’t bad because I had to get rid of it, I had no other choice.  An orgasm is a special thing, and to be able to share it with someone makes it even more special. I have never been squimish or grossed out by my own cum, and if Nessa wanted to kiss with my cum in her mouth, I would without hesistation, always.   The nice boy in me had his own reservations, but the man in me, who is still a nice guy, has put those behind him.  It’s not wrong to want to be wanted by a woman.  It’s not wrong to want to see her enjoy my body and fluids.   At this point in our relationship, I can’t even believe I ever asked her to spit me out.  I didn’t want to, but I felt bad.  I know better now.   Besides being a beta-male and passive on that certain issue, I was confused. Nessa spitting out my cum would be like me going down on her and asking for a spit cup to spit in between licks, because I don’t want her in my mouth or body either.  That would be ridiculous.

Anyway, hopefully the blog readers enjoyed this Project 31:  Days of Swallowing Cum.  I will add the photo gallery to this post as well and unsticky the original.

PS:  I got caught up in my own thoughts and  I forgot to mention how glad I am this 31 days is over.  Truthfully, I didn’t enjoy grabbing the camera to take photos mid orgasm.   Usually I will hold my orgasm for 10 seconds before letting it all go and enjoying what follows.  I am also multi-orgasmic (like a woman, I can achieve multiple full orgasms without any breaks).  With the camera involved, I feel maybe 2 seconds of the cum feeling, stop whatever I am doing and grab my camera, pinch the tip of my penis, and focus the picture.  I then squeeze my dick (now already softening) and almost “pretend” to cum all over Nessa for the camera.   The orgasm feeling itself was ruined because I never got to hold the intense feeling in as long as I could,  until it exploded on it’s own.     The cum itself is ruined because the longer you hold in the orgasm, the more fluid seems to come out when you do release.   The multi-orgasm is ruined because I am taking pictures and thinking about the quality of the shots.  This was 90% of the month for me.  Although I love Nessa and appreciate what she did this month (she basically kept this Project 31 alive, because I remember being dead serious and suggesting we stop on day 9), I am glad it’s over.   I added thsi last part just to be totally open and honest in the blog, but even the worse 31 days with Nessa, is something I’d prefer than the best 31 days with any other woman… and I mean that.