Thanks to the Nerve and Kate Hakala for interview!

NerveApparently the has ran out of all worthy material and decided to release our interview. Oh, this old thing?  Just playing.  I guess the nerve decided to ignore my title suggestion, “Interview with the Asspires.”

For those of you that frequent our site, this is actually a really good interview with some interesting questions.  Definitely a must read if you’d like to stay updated or want to know the inner workings of why we started the blog or still blog today.

For me, it was fun to read Nessa’s responses, as it was the first time I really read them.  Usually I just skim through her stuff super fast and only pay attention to myself (don’t tell her).  When reading my answers, I kind of made one of those Home Alone faces, like, “O.M.G., no he didn’t just say he was sending out cock pics.”  I even hit the edit button a few times on my own responses trying to correct my grammar, but then realized I was on the other side of the blog.

Thank you to the Nerve and Kate Hakala (@explikateme) for the opportunity to share our answers and story with new readers!

Read the interview below:

The Inner Workings of a Successful Exhibitionist Couple or as I like to call it: Interview with the Asspires.  Also check out the for other interesting articles.