17 Things They Teach You At Blow Job School

Ever wonder what goes down behind closed doors at blow job workshops? Wonder no more! 

1. Start slow. 

“It’s fun to start soft. Let your partner get hard in your mouth, without any motion. Just let them experience the warmth of your breath and wetness of your tongue then gently begin to suck. Anticipation will make your partner even hotter.” ― Rebekah Beneteau, a sex, kink and intimacy coach and co-host of the webinar “The Joy of Oral: Make Your Next Mouthful Matter”

2. Don’t shy away from lube.

“People often think that their own saliva will be enough lubrication to get the job done. It’s actually best to add a bit of lube to get started: either water-based or silicone. After a few minutes, you may build up enough of your own juices to keep the action going. Sucking on a hard, sugar-free candy can also help you build up saliva.” ― Melissa Jones, a sexologist and executive director of the Sexology Institute and Boutique in San Antonio, Texas

3. Get handsy. 

“Remember: A good blow job is 50 percent hands. Using your hands, with even pressure and friction in concert with your mouth, does more than what your mouth can do on its own. It can make or break a blow job experience.” ― Elle Chase, a sex educator and author of Curvy Girl Sex: 101 Body-Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life

4. Ask questions. 

“Ask questions before you start and even during if you aren’t sure he’s having a good time. Every man is different. They don’t all like the same thing. Don’t ask broad questions like ‘Is this good?’ Instead, ask yes or no questions that give you concrete information, like, ‘Would you like it faster?’” ― Trevor Jones, a sex, kink and intimacy coach and co-host of the webinar “The Joy of Oral: Make Your Next Mouthful Matter”

5. Work with the curve and angle of your partner’s penis.

“Deep throating isn’t for everyone, but if it is something you want to do, having your mouth and throat match the angle of your partner’s penis can help. If they are curved or angled upward for instance, being on your knees below them would not work as well because their penis would be more likely to hit the roof of your mouth than go smoothly down your throat. In that case, have them lie down on a bed, kneel next to them facing their feet, and lean down until you’re comfortable. From there, open your throat like you would for a yawn ― now your partner’s penis can slide down your throat at a more comfortable and natural angle.” ― Amory Jane, a sex educator and education coordinator at She Bop, a sex toy boutique in Portland, Oregon 

6. Give him your undivided attention.

“Give him your attention, not his penis. Let him know you desire his pleasure and satisfaction by giving frequent eye contact, saying his name, asking him how he likes it or if he wants anything special. Eye contact also allows you to read his body language, to see how he responds to different techniques.” ― Melissa Jones 

7. Don’t forget “the boys.”

“To give a successful blow job, you have to pay attention to his balls. Go back and forth, popping each one into your mouth and going back every now and again to lick the whole sack area. I encourage starting your blow job here, actually; spending a bit of time with ‘the boys’ helps boost his arousal before you start bobbing ― the part where you’re most likely hurting your jaw.” ― Sasha Rene, founder of the Blow By Blow workshop in San Diego, California 

8. Be in the moment.

“You’re putting your partner’s most coveted body part in your mouth and between your teeth ― that takes an enormous amount of trust. Savor the experience. Show your partner how much you recognize this by treating their blow job with enthusiasm, focused attention and high regard.” ― Elle Chase

9. Talk with your mouth full.

“You are not at the dinner table, talk with your mouth full!   And even if you are at the dinner table (or under it), talk with your mouth full!  Nothing turns a man on more than hearing a woman trying to talk dirty, moaning, or being as audible as possible while giving him a blow job.  Let him close his eyes and listen to the soundtrack of a great blow job.” ― Nessa from SexLifeandEverything.com

10. Swallow.

Please.” ― Every guy ever

11.  Enthusiasm. 

As previously stated in the Blow Job Bible, enthusiasm is the key to every man’s heart.  Good technique or bad, wanting to please a man leaves him thinking about you for days.  And wanting to please a man and enthusiasm, shows you are willing to learn and perfect your blow jobs.  

12. Be eager to learn from him.

They say gay men have the best blow jobs in the world because they know exactly what they are doing.  Well, your man may not be gay, but he still knows his body better than anyone else. Be open minded and willing to take lessons from him.  Just because a guy has never played football, doesn’t mean he can’t coach a super bowl team.  Get that super blow ring girl!

13. Try new things.

Don’t look at his penis as something you can’t have fun with.  Grab it, slurp it, suck while opening your mouth wide and let the air travel down his shaft, deep throat it, and do whatever your dirty little mind can think of.  There is no exact road map to a penis, in fact, take your tongue and follow his veins down his shaft, or up his shaft, and see how he likes it. Always try new things!

14. His penis is a tool.

His penis is a tool, use it like one!  Treat his hammer like a hammer and beat it against your cheek and lips.  Use his cock like a paint brush and rub it against your eyes and forehead.  Show your man that you have zero hangups when it comes to being silly and sexy with his penis.  Nothing you do crazy with his cock will ever turn him off, as long as it isn’t painful.  And using his penis as a hammer on your lips will hurt you a lot more than it hurts him.  So build a better blow job and maybe he will put his tool inside your tool box for safe keeping later!

15. Fall between the cracks.

In most cases falling between the cracks is a bad thing.  In blow jobs, a man wants to feel your tongue lost in the crevices and cracks of his body.  Lick his ass, his anus, and in between his thighs and balls.  A man didn’t grow up thinking he’d get a blow job and that included a women licking his entire crotch area.  Show him what it’s like to really be a grown up.  That last thing you want to do is giving him the same blow job he got from his 8th grade girlfriend right?  

16. Leave hickeys so he remembers where you were the next day. 

Only young insecure girls leave hickeys right?  Wrong.  Unlike his neck, his dick and crotch isn’t on public display.  For about 30 minutes that cock is yours.  Make it yours.  Mark your territory.  He doesn’t nicely cum on the bed sheets next to you does he? He cums all over you, or inside of you.  If he is polite with his cum, why the hell are you giving this prude a blow job anyway?  He probably feels bad for you while you are sucking on his dick and thinks your jaw being sore is awful.  No time for betas ladies!  If you are doing a job, do it right, and don’t forget to leave your signature in his crotch with your mouth.  If he is a player, he may have to take a few days off from the game or he’ll have some explaining to do.  It’s not your job to help a player play, it’s your job to make that dick yours.  And if he wants a blow job from you, he better have cumemployment for the next few days, because you are marking your territory.  Get it girl!

17. Lick.

One word.  Lick.  So many women think giving a blow job means sucking, slurping, or trying to get him to cum as fast as possible.  If you really want him to cum as fast as possible and remember you forever, grab his dick and lick it up and down.  Show him you aren’t just sucking it, you are savoring it.   This leaves a lasting impression and also shows you aren’t timing yourself.  If you are licking, you are enjoying.  That’s what he cherishes the most.  The thought of a woman cherishing his body.

Parents, Don’t Forget Anal Sex When Having ‘The Talk’ With Your Children

I hate to “butt” into your discussion about the birds and the bees, but it’s time to start including anal sex in “the talk.”

Discussing sex with any teenager can be uncomfortable for all parties involved. My mother started talking to me about sex at the first sight of facial hair growing on my chin. I remember how dreadfully I wanted to crawl out of my skin; in retrospect, I’m sure she felt the same way. Throughout our discussion, she told me about how the penis is inserted inside of the vagina, how one drop of male ejaculation can impregnate a woman, and about the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases/infections. Our talk about the birds and the bees was largely based on the same heteronormative methods most parents guilelessly follow, even today.

However, regardless of one’s sexual orientation or gender identity, every person has an anus — well, almost everyone has an anus, according to NBC News — and can participate in anal sex. But like all forms of intercourse, anal sex comes with a risk, perhaps the greatest risks in comparison to all other sexual practices. Some of these risks include:

Increased risk of exposure to sexually transmitted diseases or infection

“Penetration can tear the tissue inside the anus, allowing bacteria and viruses to enter the bloodstream” WebMD says. Many sexually transmitted diseases and infections come from bodily fluids; tears in the anus increases the chance of bodily fluids entering through the tears and directly into the bloodstream.

Risk of permanently damaging the anus with personal hygiene upkeep

According to Dr. K is Jeffrey D. Klausner, “Douching could have some serious negative effects. First, frequent douching may compromise the natural protective fluids and lining in your anus.” When the body stops producing these fluids, it becomes more prone to tears and infections, which will make passing stool — or even sitting —extremely uncomfortable. Also, some of these instruments are not rectum friendly and will cause ulcers.

Risk of weakening the anal sphincter

“Repetitive anal sex may lead to weakening of the anal sphincter, making it difficult to hold in feces until you can get to the toilet,” according to WebMD. Kegels can prevent this.

Risk of causing infections, even if both partners are negative for all sexually transmitted diseases and infections

“Even if both partners do not have a sexually-transmitted infection or disease, bacteria normally in the anus can potentially infect the giving partner” — WebMD. The anus naturally has bacteria, and depending on the insertive partner’s personal hygiene, they can be exposed to urinary tract infections.

Strangely enough, “Teen Vogue”’s “Guide to Anal Sex” greatly infuriated many parents. One parent, in particular, known as the Activist Mommy, tweeted a video of her furiously ripping and burning a “Teen Vogue” June edition magazine.

“They are teaching kids how to have anal intercourse. We should not be teaching children, period, how to have sex,” she said during her impassioned tirade. As she ripped the glossy magazine page by page and threw the remains into the small campfire, she called the “Teen Vogue” writers and editors “garbage” and requested that all parents go to their local libraries and stores to demand the expulsion of “Teen Vogue” content.

The controversial “Teen Vogue” article simply introduced safe practices for those that engage or plans to engage in anal sex. Some of these tips include using water or silicone-based lubricants to avoid rectal tearing, the significance of using condoms, and why one should go slowly during anal sex.

Absurdly, some parents falsely trust that their children will abstain from sex if they never learn about it. However, just because you didn’t teach your child about sex, it does not mean they can’t learn it from somewhere else. Some people, like my own mother, never had their parents talk to them about sex, but they still learned about it through pornographic films, sexually active peers, and other outside entities.

“My father told me to not let anyone touch my fur burger,” my mother said. “I didn’t even know what a vagina was until I was about 14-years-old.” She learned about sex after finding my grandfather’s collection of pornographic films. “Two years later, I was pregnant with you.”

According to National Center for Biotechnology Information’s study, and many others, children that have “the talk” with their parents are more likely to postpone sexual activity until they are older, and will often use protection while having sex.

Nevertheless, some parents might wonder what the appropriate age is to start discussing sex with their children. It is recommended to begin as early as 2 years old. It is not recommended to begin any discussion about sex being judgmental. Never make a child feel convicted before they actually engage in risky sex; otherwise, they won’t trust you, which means they won’t talk to you about anything.

Parents, if your children are really what you hold near and dear to you, their health must come first. Therefore, the talk about the birds and the bees has to happen, and it has to include anal sex. Heteronormativity must be dismantled in all conversations about sex. Remember: Children are crafty individuals. If you don’t share your knowledge about sex with them, someone else will. Ready to assume that risk?


Source: RSS Feed Huffingtonpost


Anal sex and cum in a woman’s ass creates a higher sex drive

First, semen anywhere helps a woman’s sex drive regardless if it’s left in a vagina, ass, or mouth. The mouth is probably the least effective being that the acids in the stomach can destroy the testosterone, while the vagina or colon would absorb much more effectively. The colon being the quickest and most effective.  This is the reason why some quick-acting seizure medications are inserted rectally – the body absorbs chemicals the fastest through the colon walls, semen/testosterone included.

Below I will piece together a few articles and let the reader decide. As far as I know, this claim has not been proven and it originally started when my wife, Nessa, started to leave my sperm in her ass after sex. For whatever reason, it seemed a bit cleaner to pull out in the last few seconds and put my head in her ass and unload. She liked it, I thought it was a bit more kinky, and her vagina always stayed fresh to eat, not that my sperm has ever scared me away. However, it definitely was much fresher (no day old sperm). If her ass wasn’t as fresh, well… it’s her ass.

We immediately noticed that her sex drive shot through the roof. She began wanting to deepthroat me. In fact, this sparked her entire need to deepthroat (see “Deepthroating – My Introduction”). She went from initiating sex 10% of the time to 75% of the time, and she demanded that I cum inside her, especially in her ass.

Unsure of exactly what was happening, whether it was her maturing sexually, her age, or the semen in her ass, I began to experiment. For weeks at a time I would only cum in her mouth or vagina and slowly her sex drive would decline. She didn’t notice, but as a man, I did. If I came in her ass, within the next 15 minutes and lasting for the next 48 hours, it seemed to affect her libido. Her oral would change from slow and pleasant, to aggressive and demanding. Her sex talk would go from dirty to extremely dirty, especially when she talked about my cum.

First let’s talk about the contents of semen, specifically testosterone.

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