From A Clean Shaven Man To A Manly Man

Although I don’t think there is anything wrong with a man having, or not having body hair, I do think that it’s a matter of preference. For what makes him comfortable, and for what she is attracted to. For a long time, I associated body hair on a man with being “clean and hygienic.” I felt a clean shaven body was something some men decided to do to show a possible mate that they take care of themselves.  Clean smelling, smooth shaven. Feeling a smooth body, stomach, crotch, balls, and ass meant a man took the time to groom himself.  After all, we’re humans, not apes, which meant men no longer needed body hair to keep themselves warm or to have their hair stand on end to make them a bigger to threat to their enemies. Evolutionary speaking, body hair just seems unnecessary in modern times.

I didn’t always feel this way.  When I first met Ryan I didn’t care about body hair one way or the other.  I met Ryan when I was young and other than on television or on the beach, I hadn’t seen a man’s body enough to create a personal preference.  I just know I wanted one. I do remember the first time Ryan and I snuck into my room while my parents were at work and had sex.  Later, after he left, I found his body hairs on my sheets. Instead of being grossed out, I remember picking them up and saving them in a container.  Although this was over 20 years ago, I do feel this says something about my perception of body hair before I was married.  Not only did I like body hair, I thought it was sexy and saved it as a memento to knowing he was in my bed with me.  

Flash forward a few years.  Unlike first meeting a man and not caring if he has hair on his body or not, marriage creates a new monster.  You mean I can turn my man into a Ken doll and he will go along with it?  I can make his penis look like a dildo, clean shaven, and not deal with all the body hair?  Well shoot, let me go buy him some extra razors then!

That isn’t the whole truth, but it’s partially correct.  In our relationship, Ryan was kind of on the frontier of shaving.  I think the first thing he ever shaved / trimmed was his ass hair.  He has always been extremely picky about this area of his body and has kept it groomed because he didn’t feel it was clean after using the bathroom.  He would later shave it totally clean and even take showers after using the restroom (which he still does).  He is very ANAL about his anus.   


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The Average Time Sex Lasts (How Long Do You Last?)

In middle school and high school the young folks sit around the locker room (or wherever it is your group of friends hung out and socialized) and talk about how long they lasted during sex with their girlfriends or pick on their friend who’s ex-girlfriend leaked the info regarding him only lasting a few minutes.  This type of talk is common place among the fellas, especially when their bodies are first introduced to large doses of testosterone called puberty.  Come to find out, in high school a lot of the boys around the locker room were full of shit.  I can still remember all the advice about how they will count sheep or go over their favorite baseball team’s roster to keep their mind off having an orgasm.  If they only knew that the chances of their girlfriend being in the 30% of women that can orgasm purely from penetration (in high school this statistic is probably 1% because none of the boys knew what the hell they were doing anyway), they’d enjoy themselves much more.  Or if they knew on average most men only last about 7 minutes before having an orgasm, they wouldn’t put so much pressure on themselves.    

It’s not exactly the most romantic statistic: Almost half of all men finish sex within two minutes, reports the New Republic by way of Dr. Harry Fisch‘s new book, The New Naked: The Ultimate Sex Education for Grown-Ups.

In an excerpt published on Nerve, Fisch notes that his patients are typically fixed on what the normal frequency of sex should be, but that quality — and therefore duration — should be of equal concern. He trots out statistics from previous sex studies to that end: that the length of the average sex act is 7.3 minutes, but an “astonishing” 43% of such acts are completed within 2 minutes.

This isn’t exactly breaking news. Alfred Kinsey determined decades ago that the majority of men ejaculated in 2 minutes or less. (Interestingly enough, a sex therapist recently defined intercourse lasting fewer than 2 minutes as premature ejaculation to the Daily Mail.)

But the New Republic points out that men, not women, are probably more likely to be most bothered by the figure. A 2004 study found that men reported a significantly longer ideal duration of intercourse than did women; both sexes had similar ideas about the ideal foreplay length.

So what’s a guy to do, other than get over it? A Swedish study offers one interesting course of action: Researchers had men who couldn’t make it more than a minute complete 12 weeks of pelvic floor exercises; their average ejaculation time rose nearly five-fold, from 31.7 seconds to 146.2 seconds, reports UPI.  Source: USAToday 

You’d be surprised if they did a study on how women actually prefer sex to be about 7 minutes.  Taking advice from a bunch of kids in a locker room on the idea of what good sex is, is never a good idea.  Ask your woman how long she would prefer you to last, so she is happy and comfortable.  It’s not how long you last, it’s how happy you and your partner are.  Some women (the 70% that can’t orgasm through penetration) are happy just seeing you pleased by their bodies, and if they can’t orgasm themselves through intercourse, the faster you cum, the better.

good sex good sex 

Anal sex and cum in a woman’s ass creates a higher sex drive

First, semen anywhere helps a woman’s sex drive regardless if it’s left in a vagina, ass, or mouth. The mouth is probably the least effective being that the acids in the stomach can destroy the testosterone, while the vagina or colon would absorb much more effectively. The colon being the quickest and most effective.  This is the reason why some quick-acting seizure medications are inserted rectally – the body absorbs chemicals the fastest through the colon walls, semen/testosterone included.

Below I will piece together a few articles and let the reader decide. As far as I know, this claim has not been proven and it originally started when my wife, Nessa, started to leave my sperm in her ass after sex. For whatever reason, it seemed a bit cleaner to pull out in the last few seconds and put my head in her ass and unload. She liked it, I thought it was a bit more kinky, and her vagina always stayed fresh to eat, not that my sperm has ever scared me away. However, it definitely was much fresher (no day old sperm). If her ass wasn’t as fresh, well… it’s her ass.

We immediately noticed that her sex drive shot through the roof. She began wanting to deepthroat me. In fact, this sparked her entire need to deepthroat (see “Deepthroating – My Introduction”). She went from initiating sex 10% of the time to 75% of the time, and she demanded that I cum inside her, especially in her ass.

Unsure of exactly what was happening, whether it was her maturing sexually, her age, or the semen in her ass, I began to experiment. For weeks at a time I would only cum in her mouth or vagina and slowly her sex drive would decline. She didn’t notice, but as a man, I did. If I came in her ass, within the next 15 minutes and lasting for the next 48 hours, it seemed to affect her libido. Her oral would change from slow and pleasant, to aggressive and demanding. Her sex talk would go from dirty to extremely dirty, especially when she talked about my cum.

First let’s talk about the contents of semen, specifically testosterone.

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Sex, Life and Everything Podcast….

Hey guys, we are excited to announce that we are going to start a Sex, Life, and Everything podcast in the near future!  Much like all of our hobbies and adventures, we are not doing this for any other reason other than it seems fun and it’s going to be like an audio diary of sorts.  This is also why we started our blog!  We’ve never sold items or done anything beyond a few reviews, and we did those just to get free naughty items!  Our goals  for this podcast will be to learn to converse as a couple better and discuss.  We’ve always been huge on communication and discussing our issues, which we do, but unfortunately we fall a bit short on discussing our opinions on everyday things such as current events or our opinions on them.  Life kind of creates this puzzle between two people and you begin to find yourself always talking a certain way to your significant other.   For instance, I talk to Nessa and she listens.  My opinion is a bit more passionate, so rather than her disagreeing, she usually listens and is non confrontational.  This means, she doesn’t share her opinion to save a possible argument.  She is a pleaser.  As much as I need to learn to discuss with her and keep an open mind, she needs to learn to open up and share her opinions, even if they are unpopular or I do not agree with them.  Like with everything we have done, this is a learning process.   

We will take questions from blog readers regarding relationships, sex, threesomes, the swing lifestyle, or anything of that nature.  You can email us at  Please put in the title, “Question for the Podcast.”  Our podcast will also deal with things such as current events, our opinions on these current events, our dreams, and just whatever comes up in our heads.  Although our blog was always sexual in nature, at some point we switched the focus to sex, life, and everything because we became more interested in things besides sex, and our website’s direction changed.  Well, the podcast will be the same.  The direction will be more about everything, but we want to make sure we still talk about sex because we are a sexual couple and have had a lot of experiences since we started this blog.

We will record the first few episodes with the cameras off so we can practice discussing.  We eventually plan on recording our podcast with the cameras on so our viewers/readers can watch as we discuss.  

10 Of The Worst Men’s Underwear Ever Made

When Nessa and I first moved in together, neither of us really knew what was or wasn’t appropriate. All we knew was that now that we were “adults” things would change and we could do whatever our young hearts desired. Walk around nude, have sex at any time, dance around naked playing air guitar together, and pee in each others faces for fun. Finally we got to to all the things adults do when they are all grown up! Oh boy!

I remember shopping one day and I saw male thongs at the local store. I recall thinking to myself, “I am going to look sexy as hell in these.  Should I buy the slight thongs or pure thongs that look like dental floss?”

“Dental floss it is!”

I bought the thongs and rushed home to try them on. I remember looking in the mirror, unable to fully put my sac inside the thong, so half a testicle on each side was kind of hanging out. I also couldn’t really properly place my penis where it belonged, so I laid my penis along the waist line hoping to cover it with the strings that wrap around my hips. Although not much coverage, I felt it still looked great and just knew Nessa would love it.

Nessa was still at work and she wouldn’t be home for a few hours. I kept the thongs on and otherwise was nude on the couch. Just wearing the thongs made me horny with excitement and I couldn’t wait to see Nessa’s face. Unfortunately I passed out on the couch and when she walked in, I was laying there, turned away from the door, with my ass and thong exposed to the world. Unable to put on my Zoolander look to make the thongs more appealing, Nessa walked over to me and let me know she was home. I believe she was too uncomfortable to even touch me because she kind of hit/tapped me on the shoulder like you would if you were waking up a bum on a park bench.  I stood up. vision a bit foggy from still being tired, penis plump from falling asleep horny with man thongs on, each ball hanging out the side of the thong because the fabric could no longer hold half of them inside, and the floss like backside of the undies totally hidden by my ass cheeks.  Nessa didn’t say a word. She didn’t laugh, she didn’t smile, she didn’t blink…I am unsure if she even took a breath to be honest. After this awkward 20 seconds, which seemed like an hour, I asked her if she liked them?

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