Random Moments – My First Orgasm

first timeLong before I knew what masturbation was – or sex, particularly how bodies operate and what goes inside what – I had already watched porn. I remember being four or five-years-old and going to a neighbor’s house because she had “the jiggly channel”…aka the Playboy channel. I’d come over to her house. A lot. A whole damn lot. Back then it had its own dedicated channel, not a shared channel that was only watchable after 10 p.m. My friend was another little girl, who probably didn’t have the same infatuation as I did in watching the jiggly channel. And I didn’t realized just how infatuated I was until one day she wasn’t home. I remember being really pissed, in the way a four-year-old can get pissed. I probably pulled the heads of my Barbies or threw my Dr. Seuss books on the ground. I mean, how else was I going to get my fix of seeing boobs and vaginas? Dicks not so much, gross. I wanted to see a vagina “in action.”

When I got older – maybe 10 or so – I got a TV in my room, and I discovered the long lost jiggly channel. Fuck yah. It was scrambled of course, but I had a great imagination. However, I was too scared to watch it because my parents’ room was right across from mine.

I had an issue of Cosmo and a Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog. I know! Next best thing, right?! If you don’t know Frederick’s of Hollywood, think Victoria’s Secret meets Spencer’s – raunchier, racier, and 1980s’er. In the back of the Cosmo were ads and lingerie you can order; and Frederick’s…well, that just goes without saying. Lots of nipples and chicks giving the “come hither” look. It wasn’t live action pussy-eating, but it would have to do. I flipped through Frederick’s and was instantly turned on by the lace-covered nipples. At that age, I wasn’t sure if I wanted have big tits or if I wanted to touch them. Probably the latter.

This was about the time I remember touching myself over my panties for the first time and it kind of feeling good. I remember circling my lips and finding a spot (my clitoris) that was super sensitive. I focused on this area and rubbed to the left, right, and around it. My body got warm and my heart rate increased. A slow and steady feeling began to swell in me and I didn’t know what was going on; all I knew is that it felt good and that I had to keep going and that it would get better. Finally, I felt the first twitch, like I was holding my pee, and it came in such a rapid succession that I couldn’t stop it if I could.

I was 11-years-old when I orgasmed for the first time. How do I remember this? Because I remember what was on my mind at the time of climax: a girl in my 7th grade English class. Did I fantasize about her, or kissing her, or wondering what she looked like under her shirt? Never. I can say without a doubt that when that first flood of twitching in my vagina first hit, I thought about her. What’s weird is that it wasn’t a sexual thought. It was more like, “I wonder if she did her homework last night?” It was probably a stream-of-consciousness thought that was more coincidence that fantasy. But the bottom line is: my only memory of my first orgasm was not the thought of bodies humping or two chicks eating each other out, but a girl who sat next to me in middle school.

I remember being very private about masturbation, never telling my friends, asking if they did it too. It just never came up. No one had ever seen me masturbate before until I met Ryan. I never felt close enough to anyone to let myself be seen that way. I felt I would be too embarrassed to be seen in such a vulnerable position. Even when Ryan and I masturbated mutually (not separately, but together) it was a new feeling to me. I had to get used to not feeling judged.  These days, I could pull up my skirt in the middle of a crowded theater and masturbate for Ryan if we wanted.  The comfort level and bubble has left me oblivious of my surroundings.  I also am not longer ashamed that I masturbate and enjoy cuddling with Ryan at night and still touching myself to relax and fall asleep.

V’s Wet Inbox: Did I Have An Orgasm?

1I’ve never orgasmed with a partner or by myself and I feel like I should kind of give up ever achieving on, my partner feels pretty lacking since he can’t make me orgasm. I will note that it could be because of lack of experience on my part and I’ve only had three different partners. I do own a vibrator and I’m confused about something that happened. I was using it and I’m not sure if I was going too hard or fast? But fluid kind of just leaked/poured out of me. I know it wasn’t urine because it didn’t smell like it and the coloring didn’t resemble urine at all. Wasn’t sure I was squirting because everything I’ve looked up said it usually (if it happens at all) is when women orgasm and so I doubt it’s that since I’ve never actually had an orgasm before. Maybe I didn’t look for answers hard enough?? So I’m really confused and I don’t feel comfortable actually talking to a doctor about what happened.

Venice’s response:
I used to not be orgasmic through sex, but like you I was also young. However, I have always been able to achieve an orgasm through masturbation, even as a young girl just laying in bed circling my clit with my fingers until I felt what I now know as a clitoris orgasm.  This was basically how I had orgasms my entire life until I hit my mid 30s. If I had and orgasm during sex (or before), I needed clitoral stimulation.  Whether it be with a tongue, fingers, or a toy.  Although I have never had issues with having orgasms with the proper stimulation.  And, although not hands free, I could always have orgasms during sex if I could get room to play with myself, or have him play with me while his penis penetrated. I believe these clitoral orgasms are similar to a man’s release.  The orgasms that make your neck red, your nipples swell, your body get goosebumps, and an explosion.  However, for me I never squirted.

Once I hit my mid 30s, I started having mini plateaus (orgasms) inside my vagina.  Although not as powerful as the orgasms I was used to, these orgasms definitely produced fluids and at times I would wet the bed.  My cervix also tenses and twitches on the inside, but I do not have the huge explosion that comes with clitoral orgasms.  These orgasms only happen during sex, especially when I am deeply penetrated.

Although I have squirted (spurts) multiple times, I’ve only had one instance where a very large amount of fluid pour out of me once.  Again, this was not a clitoral orgasm, but my body did drain a large amount of fluids.  This was recorded on video.  The fluid looked almost whitish, definitely not urine, and literally poured out of my body like a faucet (I couldn’t urinate like this even if I wanted to).  This one time was when used the “forklift” method of two fingers in my vagina as he lifts it up to put pressure on my gspot.  It felt amazing and at some point, my body sprung a leak.  Not squirting, not a spurt of fluid that stops, but literally he pulled out his fingers and I drained fluid all over the towel that was underneath me.  Now, again, I did not have an orgasm as if I was playing with my clit, but my inner body still went through all the physical motions (twitching, spasms).

I consider all of these orgasms different types of orgasms. Truthfully, I believe a lot of women may be orgasmic through sex but because sex is rough, friction, or they are not really in tune with the not-so powerful orgasms, they don’t notice, or they wait to feel the huge orgasm they get through clitoral stimulation.

With all that being said, I do not think you have anything to worry about!  Congratulations on your first plateau orgasm!  It only gets better now!


V’s Wet Inbox – My Cervix Is Bruised?!

cervix painLast night my partner and I were having sex. It was a little rougher than usual in a position that often hurts my cervix. We changed to a more comfortable position after a few minutes, but the damage was already done, and I got a horrible cramp in my entire lower abdomen that brought me to tears. It eventually stopped hurting severely, but I’m still tender today. If it continues, I’ll absolutely see my doctor, but I’m just wondering if you or any of your readers have experienced this? ovarian cyst

Yes, I have experienced this myself many times. Although the pain can be debilitating; fortunately, it doesn’t last for more than 24-36 hours, and can even dissipate after about 12. From personal experience, I believe this cervical pain is caused by certain factors.

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For those asking, everything is fine. :)

We are fine.  Still the same, still have sex a lot, and still look for women to bring into our bedroom!   The only thing that has changed is we have started doing a less mature project together and haven’t had the time to keep this project updated. Because our other project isn’t mature, we have removed videos and such that were extremely naughty, like having Ryan pee down my throat while I deepthroated him.  Yea, that probably had to be removed at some point!  LOL.

Hopefully everyone is doing great, Merry Christmas you guys!

Rating Your Penis Selfies: The Xbox 360 Penis

selfieThinking about sending that hottie you just met on tinder your penis selfie? Maybe your twitter finger is a bit itchy and you want to show the world what you are working with? Well before you do that, maybe you should think about letting a neutral eye critique it first. Who knows, you may lose the possible future love of your life because you sent a penis pic that wasn’t up to a woman’s standards.  Yea, some women may enjoy a photoshopped 12 inch cock that is so warped the chair in the background of the photo has taken on a whole new shape, or a picture of your penis with a with a rose sticking out of its penis hole, while in the background there is a toilet filled with a log that is double the size of your schlong, but you can never get a second chance to make a first dick selfie impression! Listen fellas, let’s face it, a penis pic is a dime a dozen. There is very little demand and a whole lot of supply. What sets apart your dick from a porn stars isn’t going to be its size or shape, but the creativeness of the photo itself. That’s what women give a second look at. With that being said, let’s see if you can separate your penis selfie from the pack.  Think quality, artistry, vision, grooming style, and of course, penis placement!  You can submit your pics by emailing me at penisselfies@gmail.com.

The Xbox 360 Penis

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