A Big Thanks To Brixton for giving us cyber love!

atwoodBlogging online for us has been somewhat unthankful, but as long as we had an archive of our thoughts and adventures saved on the interwebz, we were complacent. That was our only goal. Not to have advertisements, not to sell sex toys or review them (oops), and not to make top lists from other bloggers. Not that we didn’t want to get a pat on the back from other bloggers, we just really had no idea there was a community out there, and thank goodness for that, because we would have known how much we suck a long time ago!

But hey, every now and then we do catch someones eye, and of course we are extremely grateful for that. Just to know someone out there gets us as a couple, or at least was entertained by us, makes the whole last year of updating twice a week worth it. We also got turned on to 3 other bloggers that really peak our interest!

Thanks Brixton!

My Top 4 Favorite Sex Bloggers

Thanks to Refinery29.com, Nerve.com, and Kate Hakala

refinery29The two places I never expected to see our blog, the nerve.com and refinery29.com.  These great online magazines do not really focus on sex or sex blogs, but they do write articles every now and then that have sex related topics.  Both of them have published our interview that we originally did with Nerve.com.  The exposure they have given our blog to new eyes has been extremely appreciated.  Thanks again you guys!

What Happened When This Couple Started A Sex Blog

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Thanks to the Nerve and Kate Hakala for interview!

NerveApparently the Nerve.com has ran out of all worthy material and decided to release our interview. Oh, this old thing?  Just playing.  I guess the nerve decided to ignore my title suggestion, “Interview with the Asspires.”

For those of you that frequent our site, this is actually a really good interview with some interesting questions.  Definitely a must read if you’d like to stay updated or want to know the inner workings of why we started the blog or still blog today.

For me, it was fun to read Nessa’s responses, as it was the first time I really read them.  Usually I just skim through her stuff super fast and only pay attention to myself (don’t tell her).  When reading my answers, I kind of made one of those Home Alone faces, like, “O.M.G., no he didn’t just say he was sending out cock pics.”  I even hit the edit button a few times on my own responses trying to correct my grammar, but then realized I was on the other side of the blog.

Thank you to the Nerve and Kate Hakala (@explikateme) for the opportunity to share our answers and story with new readers!

Read the interview below:

The Inner Workings of a Successful Exhibitionist Couple or as I like to call it: Interview with the Asspires.  Also check out the Nerve.com for other interesting articles.

A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind – 15 Sex Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2015

AGWDM-15-sex-blogs-to-follow-in-2015-banner-v21-300x200One of our favorite bloggers, Bobbie Morgan, has listed us again as one of the 15 Sex Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2015.  She has been listed on our site since the day we opened and we do not intend on ever moving her.  She has also made our quarterly and top lists (whenever we get time to put those lists together) every time. Again, we thank Ms. Morgan for mentioning us and helping introduce our site to new readers.  We appreciate everything she does for us and for anyone that hasn’t checked out her blog, it’s a must read.  Amazing blog, amazing content, and a great person running it.

15 Sex Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2015


Between My Sheets Top Sex Bloggers of 2014 List

betweenmysheets.comOne of the first sex blogs I read online and it is an honor to make Rori’s Top Sex Blogger of 2014 list. This was actually one of our small goals when we first started blogging and I am glad we reached that goal.  It took us 2 years!   If you haven’t checked out Rori and her page at Betweenmysheets.com, then go check her out.

 Top Sex Bloggers of 2014