Project: Asian Bush – Growing Out My Bush in Photos

When I first announced that I was thinking about growing out my bush as my next project, I immediately received a lot of flack from visitors to our site.  The response to the idea was almost funny, because a few people E-mailed us almost begging me not to ruin my body.   The E-mails expressed how much they hated how the bush on a woman looked, how it was gross, how it was unclean, and how they would never be attracted to any woman who had a hairy snatch.

First, I’d like those upset followers to know the bush is not going to be permanent.  I will not be tattooing myself with genital hair that can never be removed.  I also promise you that I will shower daily and keep myself as clean as possible.   Unfortunately I cannot do anything about my snatch looking gross to you, but hopefully when I shave it off I will immediately be put back into the “ungross” category.

I guess before I start I will try to explain why I thought the idea of growing out my bush would be fun to begin with.  I’ve notice online, and probably because of the laws in Japan that prohibit porn from showing the actual genitals, that a lot of Asian women have a bush.   I’d assume this is because if Japanese women did not have a bush, then their porn would show nothing.  Although the genitals are censored, the hair is not.  This would make pubic hair in the Japanese culture very important.  Even if a Japanese man is with his wife, obviously in real life there is no censor blur in front of her vagina, but since men have been conditioned to only enjoy the site of a pubic hair through porn and photos, why would he ask his woman to remove this aphrodisiac  (which we can now call an afrodisiac)? I believe the same can be said for the older generation here in the United States.  The younger generations seem to think that the bush is gross or unclean, while the older generations love and appreciate a hairy vagina.  When they grew up, all their porn had hairy women.   Their first experience was with a woman who had hair.  The bush was a sign of womanhood for them.   This lust and fetish doesn’t change because women in the 90s started shaving landing patches and bermuda triangles in their crotches.  Eventually, getting rid of any sign of hair and going completely bald eagle.   Some men absolutely love a thick bush, and I can respect that.

Before you judge Asians as a non-evolving culture regarding pubic hair, think of the times you have seen pubic hair in an American movie.  Full frontal nudity is still rare, but when it does raise its head, the female actresses always seem to have hair.  The hair represents nudity without it being labeled as pornography.  It represents the taboo of the revelation in American cinema.  Conversely, in almost all American X-rated movies, the adult film stars have their pubic hairs shaved off (which has become an accepted norm) making it easier to see the details of dicks and pussy in action.

The history and the importance of why humans have pubic hair is unknown, but a lot of people suspect it has to do with the pubic hair helping to retain the natural pheromones produced by glands to entice the opposite sex.  Before you shrug off the idea that we actually need a reason to attract the opposite sex, try to understand that animals do go in “heat.”  Smells released from the female body attract the opposite sex (cats & dogs for example), and the male will know it’s that time.   Although we are not cats or dogs, the concept remains.  As noted in an article written by Dr. Kristie Leong:

“A thick patch retaining a woman’s natural pheromones makes sense.   According to some theories, animals and people are attracted to members of the opposite sex who have pheromone scents that are distinctly different from their own. This reduces the risk of inbreeding, which could produce offspring with genetic defects. Pubic hair helps to trap these volatile scent molecules, which are quickly broken down when exposed to air.”

I personally find myself attracted to Ryan’s underarms, which I kiss and lick each morning.  I also know my underarms drive Ryan insane.  I’ve watched him sniff and lick under my arms (when I do not get ticklish) and get the hardest erections I have ever seen.  I also will notice at times when we are having sex, he can cum almost immediately if I lift my arms up and let him smell my pheromones.  This isn’t just some article I read, this is my own experience.

I have heard of other reasons for pubic hair which I may not agree with, but I suppose are worth noting.  It is said that rough hairs in the pubic region help protect the delicate tissues of the genitals.  This would explain why the pubic hair is unlike the hair on your head.  I am unsure about this theory, as I let Ryan beat my thing up to the point of no return, and within the next few days my “delicate” skin is back and ready to fuck.  Hair or no hair, my vagina doesn’t feel more protected from the large penis going in and out of my body.   Since I wear clothing and do not walk around nude, I will never know if the bush protected women, or kept them warm when they didn’t have much clothing.   I assume the same would be said for the bush being this great protector.  I’ve heard that the bush helps keep harmful particles out of the vagina (an argument I’ve heard in defense of actually keeping a bush — people’s misconception of the lack of bush being “cleaner”).  Since we wear clothing, again, my vagina is protected from whatever harmful particles it needs to be protected against.   I am not a big fan of these reasons for keeping your pubic hair, but nonetheless, they are different theories worthy of this blog.

Less so now, but prior to civilized times,  pubic hair would also be a sign for a male to know a woman is ready to reproduce.   Pubic hair is a sign of puberty, which is also a sign a woman is fertile.  For that reason, girls with pubic hair are no longer girls, but women.  This concept is not too far fetched as Ryan has also told me that he cannot wait to see my pubic hair in all its glory.  He has also said that when he grew up, a shaved vagina was unheard of.  A real woman had hair.   All the porn he had seen, which wasn’t much, but the same dumb little VCR tape him and his siblings hid from their parents, had nothing but 70s porn stars, all full of hair.   This was the most sexual thing he had ever seen, and these women, hair and all, definitely turned him on.  Not to mention, he has told me all the movies in the 80s never showed genitals.  The only way “nudity” in a movie was either breasts, or a huge bush.  Unlike the younger generation that have no idea what it’s like to see bush in an 80s film (what do the films show these days?), Ryan loved it.   That love has definitely created a slight fetish, as he is excited as hell to see my thick Asian bush.

With all that said, let’s get back to the project at hand.  After a long and arduous adventure going from 25 straight days for our xxxmas pictures to 31 days of eating cum shots, we wanted to come up with something a bit easier.

Although the daily photo shoots were fun and Ryan and I got to spend a lot of time together, it was extremely tedious.  So in deciding our next project, we knew it had to be something that was  a bit less strenuous and didn’t take too much prep time. Fun, yet not exhausting. Finally I came up with the idea of growing out my bush.

The last time I had a bush was when I first Ryan.  That was many years ago and we had both forgotten what it looked like.  Growing up, I had a bush and that was that.  I never thought about shaving, trimming, or shaping it.  The first time I’ve seen myself truly clean shaven since puberty was after I met Ryan, about 6 months into our relationship.  Since then, I have never grown out my bush to its fullness, never going more than a week before shaving fully again.  I know from experience that the first day after I shave my skin gets very irritated.  In preparing for Day One’s picture, I shaved everyday for a week prior to February 1, 2013, the first day I will start growing my bush.  I did this in order to allow my skin to become less itchy, bumpy, and/or inflamed on the actual day of the the photo, and since I used a brand new razor this week I knew I would be more susceptible to cuts, nicks, and overall skin irritation.  Additionally, I used cocoa butter in the morning and evening to keep my skin soft and to lessen the appearance of chafed skin.  In my opinion, it has done an excellent job.  I expect that as my hair starts to grow in, I’ll experience major itching and prickling.

For the finished product, if I get one “you look like you got Buckwheat in a leg lock” joke, I know that I’ve succeeded.

Each week we will add a photo of my growth in the gallery below.  On the final day (unless we end up loving the bush), we will post photos of me creaming up and shaving.

UPDATE – Friday, March 8, 2013

I’m not gonna lie to you, folks: I miss being bald.  I have about 1/3 of an inch of hair since I first shaved a month ago.  This is the most hair I’ve had since…well, ever.  I cannot even remember what it feels like to have this much hair.  Judging from the amount of hair growth I currently have in the month since this project started, I think it’s safe to say that I’m going to be here for another two months. Before the start of this project, I predicted that it would take approximately three months. I came up with this number because several months ago I’d actually gone a week without shaving.

What I do know is that 1/3 of an inch is NOT a full bush for me.  How do I know?  Because I remember, at my peak, my loose hairs coming off as I ran my fingers through my hairs, examining them closely, and noticing they were closer to about 1 inch (fully extended and straightened out).  I remember wondering what the purpose of pubic hair being wavy and coarse was, and that clearly there is a specific purpose which your nether-hairs serve.  I came to the conclusion that the hairs seemed to act as Velcro, overlapping and using the neighboring hairs to latch on to, thus forming a barrier to protect the vaginal opening from dust, grime, lint, etc.   I don’t know if that’s how us ladies are built, but it sounds feasible.
Even with my hair at this current length, I can understand why most women prefer to be completely clean shaven.  I noticed last week that the hairs that were closer to my pussy hole absorbed a lot of lubrication (pussy juice, spit, etc.) that would otherwise be in direct contact with my skin is now caught in the carpeting.  Because of this, when Ryan’s cock goes in, the hairs come along with it.  Of course it’s not just the hairs going in, so if he goes in fast enough it will also take my lips and skin in that wouldn’t normally go in my hole.  If we’re not careful, this causes little tears and scrapes.  If it weren’t for the resiliency of the vagina skin, I’d be pissed at the fact I was constantly in danger of getting torn. Luckily for me (and Ryan) it usually takes about a day before the burning from the exposed skin is healed.  I don’t know how 80s porn stars did it.  I don’t know how anyone with an active sex life in this day and age STILL does it.


Project 31: Days of Swallowing Cum Complete

‘Project 31’  started with our Christmas photos, which was actually ‘Project 25’, as we shot a photo every day of December prior to Christmas.   Some were silly, some were dumb, some were scary, but most were sexy as hell.  During that 25 day period our brains circled on other ideas for month long photo shoots.   It isn’t something I’ve seen done in other blogs (although I am sure it has been), so it feels original, fun, and keeps us updating daily.  Our next Project 31 will be growing out Nessa’s bush on camera.  Yes, she is Asian and has noticed all the internet porn sites filled with little Asian women and their little but extremely hairy vaginas.   I don’t think I have seen her with a hairy vagina except when we first met, she was young and still proud of her shapely bush.  I was already trimmed, so it didn’t take long for her to follow my lead.  She didn’t trim it, she got rid of it all.  And after her first shave, she never let it come back.  The beginning of the “even landing strips is too much hair,  get rid of it all” era.   There have been times where she may have had a slight trim, but the full Asian bush, she hasn’t had since her puberty growth.   That will also not technically be a Project 31, as we are planning to take a photo each Friday until we feel her growth is absolutely complete.   We will then possibly do a full photo shoot of her spread eagle with nothing showing, because her hair covers up everything, hah.  That’s the plan, but it may not work out that way.

However, that is way off topic.  Originally we planned to have Nessa write THIS blog the last day of the month.  I think our intention was to see if her feelings towards a cum shot had changed or if she liked to swallow more.   It was a dumb plan because she never really had issues with swallowing to begin with, especially prior to this Project 31.  For the last year, Nessa has made leaps and bounds with her attitude towards sex, swallowing, and trying new things.   She has gotten upset with me for even suggesting she doesn’t like the taste of my cum.  It actually offends her that I say that.  With that being said, I guess Project 31 taught ME something.   I shouldn’t feel bad for wanting to see my woman swallow me or enjoy my cum.  I admit, as a teenager I remember thinking that a woman shouldn’t have to swallow a guy, because her mouth isn’t equivalent to the paper towels or toilet paper I would clean up my sperm each night with.  Just because I meet a girl that is willing to do anything to please me, all of the sudden my sperm, which I had been dumping in the toilet for years, was something worthy of being swallowed and enjoyed?  I didn’t think so.  That was the beta-male in me.  The nice boy.  I have changed just as much as Nessa has changed.

There were times the bad boy would come out in me, the alpha-male, and I would ask her to  swallow me as some sort of guilty pleasure.  I was still little boy minded and felt bad about my own desires.  I felt bad that I wanted to see her do things I once considered dirty and  selfish.  I remember fucking Nessa roughly,  punishing her with my my body and talk..  I’d look down on her and tell her I am going to pull out and cum all over her face and in her mouth.  She would look up at me and moan that she couldn’t wait.   As I reached my orgasm I would pull out, and nicely aim for only her mouth.  Then, after my orgasm was complete, the animal inside me would quickly die off and I’d feel totally bad for Nessa below me, mouth full of cum.  I’d nicely get off her and say, “You don’t have to swallow if you don’t want.”   She would then get up and spit it out in the sink.  Although she would swallow everytime I asked, the guilty pleasure was more guilt.  My desire to see her swallow me wasn’t worth this idea that she hated me for asking her to do it.

Although I am not the only one to blame for this behavior, Nessa herself was still dealing with her own demons and reservations.  She didn’t have to spit it out, so when she did,  she herself showed me she would have rather spit it out than swallow.  She also started to hold the cum longer after our sessions, which I took as her waiting for me to let her know she didn’t have to swallow.  These actions  only confirmed my guilt and made both of us even more reserved.

This has changed with day 31.  For Nessa it seemed to change last year when she made this huge transation and became a what I consider a whole new woman.  Truthfully, I feel she transitioned from a young reserved girl caught up in an ego tug-a-war , to a confident woman who took back her identity by opening her mind and being the one in our relationship that is more receptive to new ideas.  Not only that, she embraced everything sexual and turned it into positive thing in her life, rather than negative.  The negative-to-positive transition can fix anything in my opinion.  Now, this new woman needs a real man.   I realize after Project 31 Days of Swallowing Cum, that I do not have to feel guilty for wanting to see my woman enjoy me.  I realize as a teenager I was wrong as hell.  I left my semen on paper towels because I didn’t have someone in my life worth sharing myself with.  My semen is an extension of me, and without my soulmate, there was no other place for it.  My cum wasn’t bad because I had to get rid of it, I had no other choice.  An orgasm is a special thing, and to be able to share it with someone makes it even more special. I have never been squimish or grossed out by my own cum, and if Nessa wanted to kiss with my cum in her mouth, I would without hesistation, always.   The nice boy in me had his own reservations, but the man in me, who is still a nice guy, has put those behind him.  It’s not wrong to want to be wanted by a woman.  It’s not wrong to want to see her enjoy my body and fluids.   At this point in our relationship, I can’t even believe I ever asked her to spit me out.  I didn’t want to, but I felt bad.  I know better now.   Besides being a beta-male and passive on that certain issue, I was confused. Nessa spitting out my cum would be like me going down on her and asking for a spit cup to spit in between licks, because I don’t want her in my mouth or body either.  That would be ridiculous.

Anyway, hopefully the blog readers enjoyed this Project 31:  Days of Swallowing Cum.  I will add the photo gallery to this post as well and unsticky the original.

PS:  I got caught up in my own thoughts and  I forgot to mention how glad I am this 31 days is over.  Truthfully, I didn’t enjoy grabbing the camera to take photos mid orgasm.   Usually I will hold my orgasm for 10 seconds before letting it all go and enjoying what follows.  I am also multi-orgasmic (like a woman, I can achieve multiple full orgasms without any breaks).  With the camera involved, I feel maybe 2 seconds of the cum feeling, stop whatever I am doing and grab my camera, pinch the tip of my penis, and focus the picture.  I then squeeze my dick (now already softening) and almost “pretend” to cum all over Nessa for the camera.   The orgasm feeling itself was ruined because I never got to hold the intense feeling in as long as I could,  until it exploded on it’s own.     The cum itself is ruined because the longer you hold in the orgasm, the more fluid seems to come out when you do release.   The multi-orgasm is ruined because I am taking pictures and thinking about the quality of the shots.  This was 90% of the month for me.  Although I love Nessa and appreciate what she did this month (she basically kept this Project 31 alive, because I remember being dead serious and suggesting we stop on day 9), I am glad it’s over.   I added thsi last part just to be totally open and honest in the blog, but even the worse 31 days with Nessa, is something I’d prefer than the best 31 days with any other woman… and I mean that.

Photo Shoot – Project 31 Days of Swallowing Cum Shots

After our “Merry XXXmas” photos, I knew I had to think of a new theme for the upcoming new year.  And what better way than to have “31 Days of Swallowing Cum Shots” for the month of January.  Although his aim isn’t always the greatest and some may end up on my chest, lips, chin, nose, cheeks, hair, or eyes,  I am hoping to drink Ryan for 31 days.

What I’ve perfected is making sure Ryan’s balls are emptied out on a daily basis, sometimes twice. And because I ensure he cums, it seemed like a neat idea to share the different cum shots.  I never get tired of making Ryan cum.  As silly as it sounds, for me, it’s like a mini adventure getting him to shoot his hot load out of his cock.  And depending on where he is going to cum (e.g. my mouth, ass, or pussy) my shit-talking varies.  For these 31 days, I anticipate at least one “pull out” so he could cum right in my mouth.  This means if he’s in my ass or pussy, he’s going to have to move pretty quickly! And if he’s face fucking or if I’m deepthroating him, I have to keep myself from holding him down in my mouth and letting his cum shoot straight into my throat.  — (Ryan’s edit:  Let’s also not forget I have to actually take a picture of that same moment)

To be honest, I didn’t always eat cum with such a positive attitude.  I did it just to do it, but I didn’t have a strong interest, a longing, a desire for it.  I could understand why women “don’t like the taste of semen.”  But in my opinion, it’s like smoking a cigarette.  If you’ve ever smoked a cigarette, (even once and then never again) you coughed, gagged, maybe even spit up, maybe even so much so that you vowed to stay away from cigarettes once and for all.  Or you may have tried it again and again, succumbing to peer pressure and the need to fit in until eventually you develop an addiction to it.  My addiction has been one that came from the mutual understanding that Ryan and I accept the other’s body as a temple and we are the only worshipers. This state of mind has given me a new outlook on eating cum.  Because now it turns me on knowing my man’s juices are sitting in his body and ready to explode into some part of my own body. I love begging him for his cum.  I love not knowing where he’s going to cum – if he’s going to pull out or cum deep somewhere inside me. I love the thrill of going wild over his cum – rubbing all the shots over my tits, gargling his cum in my throat, letting it drip out of the corners of my mouth and down my neck.

Cum shots never get old. I will show you 31 reasons why.

After the 31 days I will do a quick update here on how the month went, how it was to drink him for a full month, and all the little bloopers I am sure we will go through along the way.

Photo Shoot – Our Daily Christmas Photos – Happy Holidays!

We are taking xxxmas photos each day (some days may have 2 photos), up until Christmas.  Our Christmas photos are intended to be fun and different.

This blog entry will remain sticky until the end of December.