Licking Inside His Penis Hole And In His Urethra

DedicationWarning:  Men with sensitive p-aginas, please exit this blog immediately. 

As most of our readers know, we are extremely experimental and enjoy trying new things, especially when it is between just Ryan and I.  Lately I have been enjoying grabbing Ryan’s penis, while I massage his penis, and squeeze the tip of his penis so his urethra opens wide, and slowly slide my tongue down inside his penis hole.  Although I can only get it down a quarter inch, I love feeling him squirm in my mouth with  his penis walls around my tongue.  I have also ordered him jewelry that looks like an anal plug, except made for the penis hole.  It will go about an inch inside his urethra and the tip will be a shiny diamond.  This is extremely sexy to me and will also stretch his hole so I can get more tongue down inside him.

“Don’t worry baby, I will go real slow and just eeeeeease it in.  Oh, I promise it will only hurt for a little bit.”

The back story: 

The first time I did this to Ryan, he hated the feeling of it.  He jerked his dick away from me and asked me what I was doing. Although this reaction my sway some women to never try again, I am not some woman. I tried again a few minutes later and asked him to relax.  Ryan squirmed a bit but eventually got used to it.  I really liked how he reacted. He slowly liked the sensation and I’m not going to lie – I enjoyed being a sadist for those few seconds, knowing I was doing something that made him squirm and wince in pain.  It reminds of how I feel when I first feel his dick slide inside me.  No matter how  ready I am, that first inner stretch as he slides his dick inside me always takes the breath out of me.

If you haven’t tried this technique, I suggest you pin him down and try it out. His reaction may not be what you expect, but it feels empowering fucking his little pee hole with my tongue.  With a bit of stretching, this may be my new thing!  

Sex, Life and Everything Podcast….

Hey guys, we are excited to announce that we are going to start a Sex, Life, and Everything podcast in the near future!  Much like all of our hobbies and adventures, we are not doing this for any other reason other than it seems fun and it’s going to be like an audio diary of sorts.  This is also why we started our blog!  We’ve never sold items or done anything beyond a few reviews, and we did those just to get free naughty items!  Our goals  for this podcast will be to learn to converse as a couple better and discuss.  We’ve always been huge on communication and discussing our issues, which we do, but unfortunately we fall a bit short on discussing our opinions on everyday things such as current events or our opinions on them.  Life kind of creates this puzzle between two people and you begin to find yourself always talking a certain way to your significant other.   For instance, I talk to Nessa and she listens.  My opinion is a bit more passionate, so rather than her disagreeing, she usually listens and is non confrontational.  This means, she doesn’t share her opinion to save a possible argument.  She is a pleaser.  As much as I need to learn to discuss with her and keep an open mind, she needs to learn to open up and share her opinions, even if they are unpopular or I do not agree with them.  Like with everything we have done, this is a learning process.   

We will take questions from blog readers regarding relationships, sex, threesomes, the swing lifestyle, or anything of that nature.  You can email us at  Please put in the title, “Question for the Podcast.”  Our podcast will also deal with things such as current events, our opinions on these current events, our dreams, and just whatever comes up in our heads.  Although our blog was always sexual in nature, at some point we switched the focus to sex, life, and everything because we became more interested in things besides sex, and our website’s direction changed.  Well, the podcast will be the same.  The direction will be more about everything, but we want to make sure we still talk about sex because we are a sexual couple and have had a lot of experiences since we started this blog.

We will record the first few episodes with the cameras off so we can practice discussing.  We eventually plan on recording our podcast with the cameras on so our viewers/readers can watch as we discuss.  

Random Moments – My First Orgasm

first timeLong before I knew what masturbation was – or sex, particularly how bodies operate and what goes inside what – I had already watched porn. I remember being four or five-years-old and going to a neighbor’s house because she had “the jiggly channel”…aka the Playboy channel. I’d come over to her house. A lot. A whole damn lot. Back then it had its own dedicated channel, not a shared channel that was only watchable after 10 p.m. My friend was another little girl, who probably didn’t have the same infatuation as I did in watching the jiggly channel. And I didn’t realized just how infatuated I was until one day she wasn’t home. I remember being really pissed, in the way a four-year-old can get pissed. I probably pulled the heads of my Barbies or threw my Dr. Seuss books on the ground. I mean, how else was I going to get my fix of seeing boobs and vaginas? Dicks not so much, gross. I wanted to see a vagina “in action.”

When I got older – maybe 10 or so – I got a TV in my room, and I discovered the long lost jiggly channel. Fuck yah. It was scrambled of course, but I had a great imagination. However, I was too scared to watch it because my parents’ room was right across from mine.

I had an issue of Cosmo and a Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog. I know! Next best thing, right?! If you don’t know Frederick’s of Hollywood, think Victoria’s Secret meets Spencer’s – raunchier, racier, and 1980s’er. In the back of the Cosmo were ads and lingerie you can order; and Frederick’s…well, that just goes without saying. Lots of nipples and chicks giving the “come hither” look. It wasn’t live action pussy-eating, but it would have to do. I flipped through Frederick’s and was instantly turned on by the lace-covered nipples. At that age, I wasn’t sure if I wanted have big tits or if I wanted to touch them. Probably the latter.

This was about the time I remember touching myself over my panties for the first time and it kind of feeling good. I remember circling my lips and finding a spot (my clitoris) that was super sensitive. I focused on this area and rubbed to the left, right, and around it. My body got warm and my heart rate increased. A slow and steady feeling began to swell in me and I didn’t know what was going on; all I knew is that it felt good and that I had to keep going and that it would get better. Finally, I felt the first twitch, like I was holding my pee, and it came in such a rapid succession that I couldn’t stop it if I could.

I was 11-years-old when I orgasmed for the first time. How do I remember this? Because I remember what was on my mind at the time of climax: a girl in my 7th grade English class. Did I fantasize about her, or kissing her, or wondering what she looked like under her shirt? Never. I can say without a doubt that when that first flood of twitching in my vagina first hit, I thought about her. What’s weird is that it wasn’t a sexual thought. It was more like, “I wonder if she did her homework last night?” It was probably a stream-of-consciousness thought that was more coincidence that fantasy. But the bottom line is: my only memory of my first orgasm was not the thought of bodies humping or two chicks eating each other out, but a girl who sat next to me in middle school.

I remember being very private about masturbation, never telling my friends, asking if they did it too. It just never came up. No one had ever seen me masturbate before until I met Ryan. I never felt close enough to anyone to let myself be seen that way. I felt I would be too embarrassed to be seen in such a vulnerable position. Even when Ryan and I masturbated mutually (not separately, but together) it was a new feeling to me. I had to get used to not feeling judged.  These days, I could pull up my skirt in the middle of a crowded theater and masturbate for Ryan if we wanted.  The comfort level and bubble has left me oblivious of my surroundings.  I also am not longer ashamed that I masturbate and enjoy cuddling with Ryan at night and still touching myself to relax and fall asleep.

For those asking, everything is fine. :)

We are fine.  Still the same, still have sex a lot, and still look for women to bring into our bedroom!   The only thing that has changed is we have started doing a less mature project together and haven’t had the time to keep this project updated. Because our other project isn’t mature, we have removed videos and such that were extremely naughty, like having Ryan pee down my throat while I deepthroated him.  Yea, that probably had to be removed at some point!  LOL.

Hopefully everyone is doing great, Merry Christmas you guys!

Threesome Memoirs: Busted (Hidden Camera)

1381743995a03-sextingWhat’s crazy about this story is the entire threesome is on video…with permission of course. hidden camera

So the night starts for us with alcohol.

Okay, wait…

I think we’ve done all this before way too many times. I think you’ve read this from us too many times. In fact, instead of glorifying our threesome in erotica format, I will write a quick summary of all the action and slow down when I get to the nitty gritty.

We drank. They kissed. Nessa ate out the other girl while the other girl sucked my dick. However, this girl would only suck dick for maybe 30 second intervals, before she would relax with her head between my legs and eat my ass hole out for minutes at a time. Every now and then Nessa would come up and they would suck my dick together, or the other girl would be licking my ass hole and stroking my dick while Nessa sucked the upper free portion of my cock. After a few minutes Nessa would go back down to get her fix of pussy. On camera, Nessa was visually leaking a lot of clear froth from her vagina, enough so that her entire inner thighs were wet. Condom on. Nessa got up and sat on the other girls face while I fucked the other girl. Nessa held my ass and controlled my movements and how deep I went inside the other girl.  Eventually we had the other girl balled up as Nessa held her legs up to her own hips and asked me to pound her pussy as hard as I could.  I did. After a few minutes, we stopped. Condom off. Once I take the condom off I do not plan to fuck the other girl again, just Nessa. The girls moved to 69 position while I was away washing off the condom smell off my dick. After I came back I got behind Nessa and fucked her, while the other girl on bottom licked Nessa clit, the pussy juices off my dick, and sucked on my balls. We then all laid on the bed as both girls shared sucking my dick until I came. They played with my cum together while I watched, kissing each other and passing my dick back and forth until their faces and my dick was clean……..

And then I went to take a shower.

As I walk out of the bathroom nude, still drying off, I notice the other girl is holding her phone and casually aiming it “kinda” at the bed Nessa is laying nude on. Nessa, a bit tipsy, is laying down with her head to the side, playing with her vagina. I glance at the other girl’s screen and see an image, but was not really sure what it is. The girl clumsily puts the phone down on the couch across from the bed and says, “Oh, I was trying to fix this stupid contacts screen.”

Nessa, still horny, announces to both of us that she isn’t done with the other girl yet and motions for her to put her face back down between her legs.  The other girl obliges, and crawls back to the foot of the bed and starts eating out Nessa again. I hit record on the camera again and sit down on the couch to watch them.

Knowing the other girls face is buried between Nessa’s thighs, I pick up her phone. Unsure if I beat the timer that locks the phone permanently, or she just didn’t have a lock on it. Either way, I jumped to her “gallery” and saw all her photos. Some nudes of herself, photos of other in various naughty poses, family photos, photos of her possible husband/boyfriend, and of course, pictures she had just taken of Nessa without either of our consent. My mind went blank and all I saw was red. I was angry at Nessa for being so trustworthy and not paying attention, mad at the other girl for taking the photos without our consent, and mad at myself for not just standing up on the spot, grabbing the girl by her little ass titties, and kicking her to the curb immediately. Instead, I quickly navigated to her “My Files” application and clicked on the entire “Camera” folder. One of a kind family photos, dead grandmothers last picture, whatever. All I knew was, I saw about 3 of 4 photos of Nessa laying on the bed and clicked on that folder and deleted everything. Gone.  And for good measure, I clicked the “Download” folder and deleted everything in there too. If she didn’t have a backups, they were gone. No fucks given.

As I sat there, with my own camera recording this girl eat Nessa out, I patiently waited for Nessa to finish…

30 minutes later, Nessa cums on the girls face and pushes her head back as she squeezes her legs. I get up, without showing to much emotion, and ask Nessa if she is going to wash off. She was still a bit buzzed, so she clumsily slide off the bed and made little jokes about how good she felt. I didn’t really respond because I was irritated, and only said to her, “Go wash off please.”

As Nessa disappeared into the bathroom I told the other girl to hurry up and get dressed so I could walk her out. I didn’t want to make a scene, but I knew once I got her outside of the house I was going to let her know I saw those pics and I deleted everything on her phone.  She put her clothes on, while I watched, sick to my stomach.  Usually after a threesome I will give the girl space, look away, or let them take their time, hang out, whatever. Not sure why I look away after I’ve came on these girls and fucked them, but I do. Not this time. Angrily I watched, almost as if, I wanted her to know that I was more anxious to see her put her clothes on than actually take them off.

After she got dressed, I opened the door, not letting her say goodbye to Nessa, and motioned for her to hurry up. She walked in front of me and I led her to the front door.  As soon as she stepped out, I let her know that I had seen the photos of Nessa on her phone.  I told her I had deleted everything and if I found out she had other shots I didn’t know about, it wasn’t going to be a nice situation at all. She immediately went from happy and smiling, to shocked and scorned. The only thing she could say was “sorry”.  She lowered her head, moving away from me, not knowing what my response was going to be. Obviously, we were virtually strangers and she had just been caught sneaking photos of my wife. If it she were a man (a problem we will never have to deal with), she would have been laid out on the spot. Luckily for her, she was caught by someone with a little bit of self control that just wanted her gone.

Not that Nessa hasn’t taken nude photos with other women, but of course she did this totally posing for the camera, prepared. Not alone sprawled out on the bed, legs spread, touching herself, tipsy from alcohol. And without consent, this was a total violation.

There really isn’t much else to the story. Nessa walked out into the garage while I was talking to the other girl, and couldn’t figure out while I was speaking so aggressively towards her. The other girl glanced at Nessa, put her head down in shame, and said sorry and walked to her car.

When I got back in the house I told Nessa what happened and she immediately said, “She will never be welcomed in my house again.”

As soon as I heard that I stopped and said, “Wait, wait…let’s not jump the gun here.”   But that was just me not wanting to give up on a duo that we’re pretty damn good as sucking dick together.  But, she was right. We haven’t spoke with her since. hidden camera

*haven’t proofread or edited.  Will be corrected later.  In a rush guys!