Review: Smart Wand ™ by LELO

Smart WandIs there any vibrator that can match the Hitachi Magic Wand? This is probably the biggest challenge known to vibrators. No matter what design the sex industry comes up with, nothing can really come close to the vibrator that changed dresser drawers forever. Instead of the double AA battery powered, vanilla colored, tiny penis shaped vibrator that every woman used to hide in her panties drawer (you are lucky if you didn’t live this era of vibratordom), women have now added a back massager named Hitachi to their bedrooms. No longer did our vibrators have to be hidden in dressers, because the Hitachi Wand was a double agent, and could also pose as a simple back massager. Although everyone knew what it was really for, the idea that there is a small possibility that it could be used for a bad back, kept everyone happy and quiet. It also wasn’t shaped like a small penis. And as we all know, nothing shaped like a small penis, including a small penis, is any good.

LELO_Insignia_SMART-WAND-L_product-1_black_2x_1So has LELO found a replacement for our double agent? I guess that depends on if your friends will believe you own a back massager that looks like it was designed for a queen. The Smart Wand ™ is gorgeous. The problem is, I’d be pissed off if I caught Ryan in the room trying to massage his back with it!

<Back Massager Nazi> NO BACK MASSAGER FOR YOU!

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Review: Mini Emma by Svakom

mini emma 1How many vibrators can my vagina handle before they all feel the same? This will probably be our last review for a while, but the good news is, we saved one of the best for last.  The Mini Emma.  Described as a miniature wand with the power of a full sized wand. What that means to me is, this skinny little thing is going to feel like my Hitachi Wand?  Yea, we’ll see.

It’s not the size that matters, it’s the way you use it.

As with most of the sex toys these days, the product is boxed nicely and feels like you’re opening a new cellphone. Everything is in perfect order with an instruction booklet, a USB power cord, and this pink cigar shaped object that claims to be as powerful as my “never fails” wand.

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Review: Womanizer by EPI24

Lieferumfang_W100_magenta_largeThe Womanizer is not your normal woman’s sex toy. When I got the product, I didn’t know that, but after turning it on it didn’t take me long to realize that I wasn’t dealing with your average sex toy that shakes your vagina until you have no choice but to orgasm before your pelvis goes numb. The truth is, a lot of times I will use a product for a review, take mental notes on how it feels, not achieve an orgasm, and throw it to the side and ask Ryan to fuck me so I can get off. This wasn’t one of those times.

w100_magenta_perspektive_largeSo what makes the womanizer different? Well, it has a sort of suction function that pulls your clitoris up inside the soft silicone circle area and only vibrates that exact area. In fact, when my clitoris was inside the suction area, the vibrator was almost completely silent…and so was I. It was like putting my little clit in a straight jacket, then throwing it inside a padded room and letting it bounce against the walls like an insane person.  Ryan knows when to leave me alone. If my eyes close, my free hand instinctively spreads my vulva, I stop breathing, and my head drops back, it’s about to be on.

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Review: We-Vibe 4 by We-Vibe


Great idea, not so great experience. As soon as we saw the We-Vibe design, we had to try it. Welcome to the future of dual orgasms and making love without having to grind out a woman’s clitoris with your pubic bone for an hour waiting for her to orgasm first.


Nessa and I struggled for years with the fact that she couldn’t orgasm during intercourse.  Well I did, Nessa knew her body and it never really bothered her. Eventually I learned to accept that all women are different and no matter how long or well I perform, sometimes women just can’t orgasm through purely penetration.  As a young man, it’s hard to accept this idea. Eventually I conceded and gave up on it.  My wife could only cum with oral sex.

Nessa taught me how to give her oral sex by teaching me to use my tongue in the same motion she would use her fingers when she masturbated as a young girl. I even asked her to masturbate in front of me. As she did, I watched her circle her clit in the same motion I would move my tongue during oral sex. After 30 to 40 minutes of complete silence and no variation in movement, she would orgasm. Of course, I learned to do the same thing with my fingers, even getting her to orgasm by jacking her clit with my fingertips like it was a miniature penis.  This eventually led us to rubbing her clitoris with our fingers during sex, and if we were patient enough, I finally got to feel her orgasm while I fucked her.  This was not an easy take because it usually took 30 to 40 minutes of slow movement, no interaction (even talking threw her off), a robotic like rhythm that couldn’t have any variation, a lot of patience, and a dick that stays erect.  Although the reward was good for both of our egos, it was just physically and emotionally draining to fail.

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Review: Vibease (Wearable Smart Vibrator)


img-vibease-iphone-androidAfter reviewing another vibrator that had remote connectivity, a few of our readers sent us emails and turned us on to the Vibease. I will try to not compare between this and the other item, as they are both great vibrators, but I will list below some of the things Ryan and I both enjoyed with this product.

This style of sex toy (smart vibrators) is the future of long distance relationships. To be able to watch the person you are in a relationship with via Skype or Facetime and see how they react to the vibrator settings you control, while at the same time letting her watch you stroke yourself, is probably as close to real sex as a couple can get when they are 100/1000s miles apart.  It’s not just for long distance relationships though, as Ryan and I have used it while both of us were at work until the batteries ran out. It made a long boring workday much more exciting to say the least.

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