Video: My Hidden Cam Experience

First, I figured I would post this blog since I already posted it on the site that hosts the video.  I know Ryan already said his side (boooooring — lol) here, so I figured I would put my own little spin on it, especially since I was the mastermind behind it all.

Anyway, after endless requests from different people  asking us to post a longer video, I decided not to wait for my husband’s “okay.” I hid my camera phone in the corner of the room without Ryan knowing so I could record us fucking. A few problems I encountered was I knew he wouldn’t leave all the lights on while we fucked. We prefer a dimly lit room. Although when I called Ryan into the room I had all the lights on, he saw my outfit and knew I wanted to fuck him. He immediately turned off the overhead light, which left on only the corner lamp. If I would have turned the light back on, no way he wouldn’t have known something else fishy (no vagina jokes please) was going on. If people are unhappy about that, I am sorry. It’s either a dimly lit room or no video at all, because he just wasn’t interested in recording us fuck like we were porn stars or something.

Another issue I had was him throwing my panties in the direction of the camera. I tried to hang on to my panties and lay them off to the side, but you can hear him in the video demand them. After he threw them in the direction of the camera I thought to myself, “Oh dang, what if they covered the camera completely or knocked it over.” I know that sounds dumb, but I didn’t want to mess this up. I knew afterwards I would tell him I recorded us so I wanted it to be something he liked. If it was bad, who knows if I would have ever tried it again.

Also, at the end of the video when he is fucking me in my ass, he puts a pillow over my head to shut me up. Whether the readers/viewers believe this or not, usually when we anal fuck I am very loud, which Ryan loves, but he also loves to know he can throw a pillow over my head or push my face against the sheets and make me bite down and muffle my screams. Well, with the pillow over my dang head, how will the microphone pick up what I am saying? Although it turned out okay, because thankfully our mic is amazing (records in auto mode, which supposedly picks up low and loud sounds equally), almost the entire time he was fucking my ass I had a pillow over my head completely.  If you listen, you can hear him in the video talking about how he is holding the pillow over my head.

Finally, my original idea was to totally fuck his brains out. I wanted to hop on top of him and ride him, make him my little bitch, and force him to call me the best bitch ever.  Haha. Unfortunately when we started fucking, he took over. Not only did he take over, he fucked my brains outs (face), then rolled me over and fucked my ass out. As much as I wanted to be in charge, I would never shut down my man and his manly instincts when his body and brain needs to be in control. When I felt him take over, I decided to be an obedient girl and let him handle his pussy (in this case, my face and ass) however he saw fit.

I think that is it. I was glad to see the sound came out so good, especially for a hidden cam. If you watch this video after reading this post, make sure you listen along.

A few other quick notes.  All the editing and blurring is done post edit to hide faces.  Since he had no idea it was being recorded, he moves his body out of position or face onto the camera more than I expected.

I hope you guys enjoy!

Video: Her Hidden Camera Attempt


Nessa originally had an idea of using a hidden cam and recording us having sex.  She later told me that she wanted to be in control and fuck the shit out of me.  Unfortunately for her, I didn’t know her plan.   I am posting the video myself to make sure everyone knows that Nessa and I do things like this, but we both fully agree and understand that the other is just trying to spice things up.   For instance, Nessa has said to me that if she is ever passes out from being a little too tipsy,  she wants me to fuck her hard.  Yes, she WANTS me to fuck her hard while she is unconscious so she feels it the next day.  She loves the idea of me using her and we have no prude reservations about it being “wrong.”  We trust each other.  Which is why for me, this video was a cute attempt at her being sneaky, nothing more.  However, it didn’t work out like she planned.

I didn’t know I was on camera so if you see it get blurry or the scenes change, just remember that is all in post editing.  Nessa let me watch the video the same night she recorded.  In post editing we made sure to try our best to keep the footage as real as possible without showing too much face.   If it zooms, its post edit zooming.  If it’s dark, sorry, I  turned off the light when I walked in, because there was still a lamp in the room.  She was dressed in lingerie so I kind of suspected I was going to fuck, but not on camera.  I don’t fuck with all the lights on!  I had no idea she was recording.  I also hit the camera when I threw her panties.  I had no idea.  If you are into real sex or just hidden camera footage, enjoy the show.  The video starts out kind of slow so turn the volume up if you are into dirty talk or move to around to the 7 minute mark if you are only looking for action.

As for future requests, Nessa and I are not porn stars.   We blog and do this for fun, so this is about as porn as we will ever get.

Video: The Art of Sniffing Cum

Some videos feel old and outdated to us so we remove them. Unfortunately, this video has been taken down.  However, the screenshot and the story of the video is below:

During my 31 Days of Cum Shots (January 2013), I found myself tagging @DRTYFUKNBASTARD because, as his name implies, he’s one dirty fucking bastard, and probably one of a few folks who can understand my fetish of catching and eating  cum shots.  During one of the last few days of our photos, Bastard sent us a  picture of several girls around a glass tray simulating a cocaine sniffing party, except sniffing cum.  Our minds started spinning.  Ryan didn’t say it, but his eyes asked if I wanted to sniff his cum.  I admit to being hesitant at first.  What the fuck…how am I going to pull that off?  I imagined it would be like doing a frontward somersault in a pool where the water would burn your sinuses before eventually draining.  Could I do it?  I honestly think I couldn’t.

I looked at Ryan, my eyes said, “Bring it bitch.”

As a practice run, I tried to sniff a little bit of water on a hand mirror.  The water kept sliding down to the edge and out of my nose’s range.  Ryan then suggested we use something other than a mirror to which I responded, “The whole idea of sniffing coke would be pointless if we don’t have a mirror.  Too bad we don’t have a straw, then it would really look official.”  I remembered I had a sweet tea with my lunch a few hours earlier so I took the straw and cut a 3” piece off.  I added more water to the mirror and again tried to sniff the water through my nose.  It worked, and this time it burned like a mother.  If this was how it felt now, I was really afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it.  I thought I would gag or have a coughing fit, and end up ruining the shoot entirely.  If that happened, I knew I’d want to do it again.  I am soldier and no amount of cum is going to make me back down.

After we set up the cameras and the lights, we got into place and I held the mirror under his dick.  He began to fondle himself as I tugged lightly on his hanging balls.  I told him repeatedly that I wanted him to shoot that hot load onto the mirror and that I was ready to lick every drop off that cold reflective glass.  He put his hands on his hips and tilted his head back, enjoying how I was now stroking his growing penis.  I put the mirror down and grabbed his ass with both hands as he pulled my head down to his crotch, my lips against his balls until I ran out of breath.  His cock was now shiny with my spit.  He started jacking his own dick as I kept telling him I was hungry for his juices.  Soon he told me to get the mirror ready.  He carefully controlled his juicy cargo into the shape of Mickey Mouse.  I reached for my straw and inserted it into my right nostril.  I plugged the left one and inhaled a long, deep sniff.  It wasn’t a burning sensation like I expected.  It went up through my nasal passage very smoothly as if my nose was runny and I was sniffing it back in. As soon as the first drop slid back smoothly, I knew I could easily finish!  I cleaned off the mirror, sniffing every drop down and making a slurping sound, the kind you hear when you get to the bottom of your soda can.  I licked off both sides of my straw and cleaned the mirror surface.

The perfect finish?  Using the muscles in the back of my mouth to work the cum to the back of my throat to finally regurgitate and display the sticky mess on my tongue, then swallow it back down for the camera.

I understand that some people my never get this or any of my other dirty little fetishes, but I do things to the extreme to show my love for Ryan.  I LOVE his cum and I’d do anything to show my dedication to him.

Video: Swallowing Cum While Deepthroating

It’s not easy recording video when you have just two people.  No matter what we try, we end up with footage we don’t really like.   Or, one of us likes and the other doesn’t.   Either way, we originally decided to do a video of a cumshot while I deepthroat because of all the different requests.  Well, we tried.    “Swallowing Cum While Deepthroating”

We are much better at taking photos. 🙂

In a perfect world, Ryan’s cum would have shot up in the air about 8 feet and dripped down his dick on the same side the camera can see so everyone knows he is cumming.  I would then engulf his penis with my throat and let the world watch his balls twitch while cum drips out of my mouth and/or nose.  Yes, having his cum drip out my nose would be an amazing shot!

The reality is, the first cumshot didn’t fly up 8 feet and instead nicely poured out behind the penis so the camera does not pick it up.  Other than some nice bubbles of cum at the base of his penis as I shove his cock down as far as I can (watch closely), it just looks like I am deepthroating.   However, let it be known, Ryan does cum and his entire cumshot goes down my throat.   It doesn’t come out my nose because it is down past my sinuses.    I suppose this is a compliment for him, because I’d assume through my own experience and throat anatomy, a slightly shorter penis (that can make it down the throat, but not far enough to pass the sinus area) would launch out a cumshot and it would fly up into my sinus area (and then out my nasal passage — my nose).  I know this feeling because as I deepthroat, I do get a build up of saliva that will shoot up my sinus area and cause me to get a runny nose.   In other words, I get how a cumshot can end up being a snot rocket.  Wow, these videos can end up being great deepthroat anatomy lessons.  Ha.

“Today class, I will explain how cum snot rockets are formed.”

I assume we will be the only website that ever pops up if anyone was to magically google the term “cum snot rocket.”  Haha.

Anyway, Ryan’s sperm doesn’t stay on the back of my tongue, doesn’t drip back up my throat, down the back of my mouth, and out onto his balls, and unfortunately for the viewers, doesn’t shoot out my nose.   I absolutely taste or feeling nothing.   He cums and it goes directly to my stomach.  This is how that works, so anyone requesting a cumshot while I deepthroat, it’s not the most action-packed video.

For the man though, I’ve heard it feels absolutely amazing.  I believe my mouth can get lower on the cock than even a vagina can, because unlike sex with a vagina where her thighs and his hips stop a man’s body from getting absolute balls deep, a mouth and a deepthroat can keep going.  Ryan has said he can feel the tightness of my mouth deep on his balls, and only my mouth gives him this feeling.

Enjoy the video.  Sorry if it falls short on expectations.

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Video: Nessa Bloggs Deepthroating Ryan.

If you are familiar with our blog then you know we are 100% amateur and do this out of hobby.  We’ve also learned that doing this type of thing together brings us closer together as well.  No skeletons or secret desires, no hidden flirting or crushes the other doesn’t know about.  We lay everything on the table and interact in front of the other so we can both enjoy the little compliments he or I get.

On this shoot we placed a video camera in front of my face while I wore a mask.  We also had lights on over head as well as right in front of my face.  Halfway through the shoot the camera’s battery went dead!   🙁   After the camera went dead Ryan turned me over and face fucked me on camera until he came deep in my throat, unfortunately that footage was never recorded.

We did record a video last night of me deepthroating him until he came, just to make up for our lost footage.  Again, UNFORTUNATELY, I was wearing a baseball cap so each time  I deepthroat all you see is my stupid hat.  I like to hold my head down on him for minutes at a time and massage his penis with my throat movement, so all the camera shows is this dumb black hat.   GRRRR.  Like I said, we are 100% amateur.