V’s Wet Inbox – What Creative Things Can You Do With Your Man’s Cum?

january-26-cum-shot-wmWhat are some creative things you can do with your husband’s cum that drives him nuts?

First of all, please check out our older article: 31 Days of Cum Shots.  If you go to the photo gallery every single day has a story.  I did various things with his cum, including letting him cum in my morning chai and sending him pictures throughout the day of me finishing him/my cup of chai  That was definitely a fun and a  creative way to turn Ryan on.  I believe there was another day where Ryan came inside me and then took a spoon to scrape up the cum that spilled out of my vagina and spoon-fed me.  This was also amazing because it wasn’t just his cum, it was both of our bodies together.  Very intimate and fun.  Anyway, check out that post to see 31 various ways I enjoyed Ryan’s cum.

For me, my man’s semen is like icing on the cake, semi-literally speaking.  Every time we have sex, getting to see my husband orgasm is my goal. I work just as hard to make him cum (dirty talk, moving in sync with him, etc.) as he does to please me.  With that being said, I feel satisfied knowing that I’ve made his hot juices flow from his dick.  And that is such a turn on to me.

What I do to his cum doesn’t start when it comes out – it starts long before.  When his dick is in me, I cup his balls and rub under them and tell him, “Let me massage the cum out of your balls.  I’ll make it come up from your nuts, up your long dick, and into my mouth.”  I tease him.  I talk about his balls as if they’re also being fucked. What I do to his cum starts BEFORE the actual orgasm.

But it doesn’t stop there.  After he cums, that is something entirely different.  If he cums in my vagina or ass, there isn’t much I can do with it, except to tell him to unload every drop in me or say, “Empty your balls out inside me.”  Sometimes he will clean my insides with his tongue and we will kiss and make out with our juices everywhere.  If I decide to let him cum on me, I get to put on a show afterwards.  If he cums on my chest, neck, stomach – wherever I can reach and clean myself up – I pick up his cum with my fingers and lick them clean as if I getting the last bit of angel food cake batter out from between my fingers.  As I lick, I will look him in the eyes and moan with every slurp.  I also like to talk to him between moans to reassure him that I love his taste and that his sperm is my favorite spice.  If he cums directly on my vagina, I’ll take most of it to eat, then rub the rest into my lips and inner thigh.  One of my favorites is when he shoots right into my mouth because nothing is wasted.  I blow bubbles, I gargle, and I slurp it between my lips.  Sometimes I hold his cum in my mouth and he will stick his dick back into my vagina and start fucking me again.  This is extremely fun because Ryan is multi-orgasmic, so while he fucks me, the entire time he can watch me play with his cum in my mouth.  Exactly as he orgasms I will open my mouth and let him see me swallow his first load.  For me, it’s almost like being came in twice at the same time.  It’s very intimate and exotic because I can taste his load go down my throat as I feel his penis releasing another load inside my pussy.  As he orgasms, instead of his eyes rolling back or him losing focus, he is paying close attention to everything I am doing with his cum in my mouth and his load.  His second orgasm is purely based off the excitement of what I am doing to his first.  It’s a very fun and powerful feeling.

Just recently, I discovered a new kind of cum play that really drives him wild (The first time we ever did it is actually in the article previously mentioned, you can see the story here:  January 8, 2013 Cum Shot).  We start out face-fucking and as you may or may not know, when a man cums and his dick is plunged deep into your throat, the semen goes straight down and you cannot taste or feel anything.  But here is the twist: instead of being all the way in me when he cums, he will pull out of my throat and fill my mouth up with his first huge cum shot.   Instead of swallowing, I let him look down in my cum filled mouth and stick his dick back down my throat.  In other words, his own cum becomes my throat lube.  I absolutely do not swallow to make sure his whole cum shot covers his dick as he again fucks my throat.   After a few seconds, I can feel his  hard wet dick drive so deep in my throat his ball piercing and crotch grinds into my teeth.  This time, instead of pulling out, he unloads his second cumshot deep in my throat, I can feel his urethra pipe on the underside of his shaft twitching on my tongue and his balls spasming on my lips.  I can also watch as anus tighten and loosen with each release.  Afterwards, the semen from both the first and second orgasms are pushed down my slippery, well-lubed throat.  It can get sloppy from my spit, cum, and tears, but it’s extremely hot, submissive, and downright sexy!

There is so much more you can do with your man’s cum if you really wanted to go above and beyond.  Attitude is everything and a paid porn star eating her co-star’s cum off an ice cream  sandwich shouldn’t be able to out perform you.  Is money more powerful than love?  For me, it’s not.  I will proudly do anything with Ryan’s cum, including the most insane ideas I can cum up with, like sniffing his whole cum shot off a mirror (yes, this is also in the 31 days of cum shots — we also made a video).

Other ideas:

Cum popsicle or sperm ice cubes.   Simply ejaculate your man into a shot glass and add kool-aid or water to the glass.  Put a small toothpick through a small piece of paper that you lay on top of the shot glass (so it stays centered) and put the shot glass in the freezer.  After a few hours, you can either use the sperm ice cube in an adult drink and enjoy your man later, or let him use the ice cube on your nipples and vagina as foreplay the next time you want to spice things up.

Cum Shots.  Put your mans sperm in a shot glass, add some rum, and take the shot.  Another type of cum shot.

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  1. Hey there, read your post and wondering what other fun things you would suggest that I can do with his cum after he finishes. I’m very submissive and like him to be controlling in sex and feel like a king. Any thoughts?

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