Video: The Art of Sniffing Cum

Some videos feel old and outdated to us so we remove them. Unfortunately, this video has been taken down.  However, the screenshot and the story of the video is below:

During my 31 Days of Cum Shots (January 2013), I found myself tagging @DRTYFUKNBASTARD because, as his name implies, he’s one dirty fucking bastard, and probably one of a few folks who can understand my fetish of catching and eating  cum shots.  During one of the last few days of our photos, Bastard sent us a  picture of several girls around a glass tray simulating a cocaine sniffing party, except sniffing cum.  Our minds started spinning.  Ryan didn’t say it, but his eyes asked if I wanted to sniff his cum.  I admit to being hesitant at first.  What the fuck…how am I going to pull that off?  I imagined it would be like doing a frontward somersault in a pool where the water would burn your sinuses before eventually draining.  Could I do it?  I honestly think I couldn’t.

I looked at Ryan, my eyes said, “Bring it bitch.”

As a practice run, I tried to sniff a little bit of water on a hand mirror.  The water kept sliding down to the edge and out of my nose’s range.  Ryan then suggested we use something other than a mirror to which I responded, “The whole idea of sniffing coke would be pointless if we don’t have a mirror.  Too bad we don’t have a straw, then it would really look official.”  I remembered I had a sweet tea with my lunch a few hours earlier so I took the straw and cut a 3” piece off.  I added more water to the mirror and again tried to sniff the water through my nose.  It worked, and this time it burned like a mother.  If this was how it felt now, I was really afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it.  I thought I would gag or have a coughing fit, and end up ruining the shoot entirely.  If that happened, I knew I’d want to do it again.  I am soldier and no amount of cum is going to make me back down.

After we set up the cameras and the lights, we got into place and I held the mirror under his dick.  He began to fondle himself as I tugged lightly on his hanging balls.  I told him repeatedly that I wanted him to shoot that hot load onto the mirror and that I was ready to lick every drop off that cold reflective glass.  He put his hands on his hips and tilted his head back, enjoying how I was now stroking his growing penis.  I put the mirror down and grabbed his ass with both hands as he pulled my head down to his crotch, my lips against his balls until I ran out of breath.  His cock was now shiny with my spit.  He started jacking his own dick as I kept telling him I was hungry for his juices.  Soon he told me to get the mirror ready.  He carefully controlled his juicy cargo into the shape of Mickey Mouse.  I reached for my straw and inserted it into my right nostril.  I plugged the left one and inhaled a long, deep sniff.  It wasn’t a burning sensation like I expected.  It went up through my nasal passage very smoothly as if my nose was runny and I was sniffing it back in. As soon as the first drop slid back smoothly, I knew I could easily finish!  I cleaned off the mirror, sniffing every drop down and making a slurping sound, the kind you hear when you get to the bottom of your soda can.  I licked off both sides of my straw and cleaned the mirror surface.

The perfect finish?  Using the muscles in the back of my mouth to work the cum to the back of my throat to finally regurgitate and display the sticky mess on my tongue, then swallow it back down for the camera.

I understand that some people my never get this or any of my other dirty little fetishes, but I do things to the extreme to show my love for Ryan.  I LOVE his cum and I’d do anything to show my dedication to him.

8 thoughts on “Video: The Art of Sniffing Cum

  1. I was sucking cock one time and the load was so big, so sudden (precum, precum, precum, – come on… bam), so fast – it came out my nose. It surprised me and everybody watching, so there was a long stringy bottom heavy translucent whitish drip slowly elongating from my nostril. My head went back enough that it fell on my lips and chin, I snorted what I could, then licked what I could with my tongue, and scooped the rest with my finger. A quick lick of my digit and I had gotten it all to my and everyone’s surprise and delight. Any way I would snort cum again especially if the exhibitionist in me is piqued. S

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